Mathias Pilhar, Austria

September 30, 2009

"That evening, the wart suddenly fell off!"

My name is Matthias Pilhar. I am 13 years old and right-handed. In Austria, we have nine weeks of school holidays - from the beginning of July until the beginning of September.

In mid-July, I suddenly discovered a 5 mm wart on the middle-finger of my left hand. Since I know GNM pretty well from my parents, I wanted to know the reason for the wart's appearance. My mother concluded right away that it must have something to do with my summer holidays.

I thought for a while about it and was trying to figure out what exactly I was touching with that finger. The lawn-mower immediately came to my mind. My mother said that could well be it, since I don't like cutting the grass.

In fact, it was bugging me quite a lot that I had to mow the lawn for two hours every week during my holidays! I would much rather have used that time riding my bike, playing games on the computer, etc.

The wart itched like crazy and I often scratched it till it bled, but it didn't disappear.

On the first day of school it obviously became clear to me that the summer job was now over, because I was once again busy with my "school stuff". That evening, the wart itched terribly, but when I scratched at it, it suddenly fell off! Amazed, I told my parent about it. Next day, one could hardly even detect where the wart had been.

Matthias Pilhar

GNM Explanation: From knowing the Biological Special Program related to the skin, Mathias was able to establish that the wart was caused by not wanting to touch the lawn-mower (separation conflict) which he associated "with that finger" (the middle-finger of his left hand). Every time he had to cut the grass (once a week), he was setting on the lawn mower-track, which prolonged the healing phase. On the first day of school", when it "became clear" to him that "the summer job was now over", the wart completely healed. Good job, Mathias!

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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