Carcinogens are by definition “cancer-causing” agents. The claim that certain chemicals or toxins in our food, in our environment, in cosmetics, or personal care and consumer products cause cancer is either based on pure assumptions or concluded from "carcinogen testing" on live animals.

In light of Dr. Hamer's discoveries, animal testing can never be scientifically valid because animals respond to "conflict shocks" with Biological Special Programs (SBS), that is, with meaningful physiological changes (“diseases”) just as we humans do. Hence, any laboratory condition that gives an animal a “death-fright conflict” will result in lung cancer as will an “existence conflict” cause kidney cancer, and so forth. Claiming that a certain chemical or toxin is the cause of a specific cancer is bad science, as it ignores the setting of the experiment, the animal's perception, and, above all, that animals have feelings and are able to suffer as much as all other living beings.

 “…by using different kinds of animals in different protocols, experimenters can find evidence in support of virtually any theory. For instance, researchers have used animal experiments to show that smoking cigarettes both do and do not cause cancer.”

Barnard, Neal D., Kaufman, Stephen R., “Animal Research Is Wasteful And Misleading”,
Scientific American, Feb 1997, Vol. 276/2
The practice of animal experimentation in the name of medical research is one of the darkest chapters in the history of mankind and in the history of medicine in particular. The number of animals dying of torture through the practice of vivisection is estimated at around 500.000 a day worldwide. Through ruthless animal testing, medical science has assembled over 1000 alleged “carcinogens”, proving only that researchers have found a thousand ways to distress animals with conflict shocks.

During the experiment, the helpless animals can suffer a number of biological conflicts: “attack conflicts”, “death-fright conflicts”, “existence conflicts”, “territorial conflicts”, “abandonment conflicts”, “self-devaluation conflicts”, and so forth - ALL causing CANCER!

“There is absolutely no proof that ‘carcinogenic’ substances have a direct effect on an organ - without first going through the psyche and the brain.” Ryke Geerd Hamer

“Today we no longer torture in the name of the Lord, but in the name of a new, despotic divinity - a so-called Medical Science which, although amply demonstrated to be false, successfully uses through its priests and ministers the tactics of terrorism: ‘If you don't give us plenty of money and a free hand with animals, you and your children will die of cancer - well knowing that modern man does not fear God but fears Cancer, and has never been told that most cancers, and maybe all, are fabricated through incompetence in the vivisection laboratories.”

Hans Ruesch: Slaughter of the Innocent, 1983