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Since 1981, The Five Biological Lawshave been tested and verified by several physicians and professional associations through signed documents. All verifications attest to the 100% accuracy of Dr. Hamer's medical findings.   

Dr. Hamer: After I presented a lecture in Vienna in May 1991, a doctor gave me a brain computer tomogram (CT) of a patient.  In the presence of 20 of his colleagues, among them radiologists and computer tomography experts, he asked me to tell him what symptoms the patient had and which type of conflicts where related to them. I was asked to conclude from the brain level the condition of the other two levels. I diagnosed from the brain CT a freshly bleeding bladder carcinoma in the healing phase, an old prostate carcinoma, a diabetic condition, an old bronchial carcinoma, and a sensory paralysis of a certain area in the body - and for each of these, the corresponding conflicts that the patient must have experienced. At this point the doctor stood up in front of all his colleagues and said, "Dr. Hamer, congratulations! Five diagnoses - five successes! The patient had exactly what you say. And you were even able to differentiate what symptoms he had in the past and which symptom he has right now.
Examples of GNM Verifications

1984: Prof. Dr. Mannheimer (Cardiology Clinic, Vienna), Prof. Dr. Pokieser and Prof. Dr. Imhof (radiologists), both of the University of Vienna, Austria, tested 8 patients based on Dr. Hamer's findings regarding the correlation between a heart attack, a territorial loss conflict, and alterations in the brain in form of a so-called Hamer Focus (HH). The commitee members acknowledged through their signatures that in accordance with the “Iron Rule of Cancer” (First Biological Law) all heart attacks had occurred after the territorial conflict was resolved.

1988: Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Birkmeyer and Dr. med. Rozkydal (both Vienna, Austria) tested, supervised by 5 physicians, the “Iron Rule of Cancer” (First Biological Law) on 7 patients. The result: 100 % accuracy.

1989: At a medical conference in Munich (Germany), 17 doctors tested the Five Biological Laws on 27 patients. The results: 100% accuracy.  

1990: 6 patients are tested in Namur (Belgium) supervised by 17 medical doctors. The result: 100% accuracy.

1992: Dr. med. E. A. Stemmann, doctor of pediatrics and member of the Medical Faculty of the University of Düsseldorf, Germany, tested at a medical conference in Gelsenkirchen (May 23-24, 1992) the reproducibility of Dr. Hamer's discoveries based on 24 cases. On average, each case presented four to five diseases, including cancers, brain tumors, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, sarcoma, diabetes, infections, tuberculosis, and mental illnesses. The committee found the Five Biological Laws of the “New Medicine” to be 100% accurate in all cases. The verification document, signed by Dr. med. Stemmann and Dr. med. Elke Mühlpfort is addressed to the Dean of the Medical Faculty, Prof. Dr. D. P. Pfitzer (see PDF for the original German document).

1993: Dr. med. Willibald Stangl (Austria), president of the Medical Officer Association of Lower Austria, tested the Five Biological Laws on 12 cases. The result: 100% agreement with Dr. Hamer's findings.

1998: The Medical Faculty of the University of Trnava (Slovakia) tested seven patients with 20 specific medical conditions at the Sainte Elisabeth Institute of Oncology at Bratislava and the Oncology unit of the Hospital of Trnava. As stated in the official certification: “The objective was to establish whether Dr. Hamer's system of medicine could be verified by using a scientific method to show that his results are repeatable.” This has been the case. (see Trnava Document, 11.09.1998)

On July 12, 2011, the Government of Nicaragua officially recognized German New Medicine® (Nueva Medicina Germanica®) as a medical therapy.