“The New Medicine a New Natural Science” (2003)

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz, Professor of History and Ethics of Technology and Natural Sciences,
University of Leipzig, Germany

Is conventional medicine scientific? Because of its many hypotheses - or rather unproven assumptions - conventional medicine it is not a science, let alone a natural science. Conventional medicine cannot offer any hypothesis-free explanation concerning the biological processes taking place in the individual “sick person”. Conventional medicine offers only statistics regarding the probability of surviving a particular cancer. Conventional medicine cannot offer any explanation regarding spontaneous healing.

Is German New Medicine scientific? German New Medicine offers a scientific, hypothesis-free, and verifiable theory regarding cancer and “diseases” in general. German New Medicine is able to offer a scientific explanation of the disease development in any given case. As the development of each disease is predictable, German New Medicine is able to provide scientifically-based therapeutic recommendations for each individual patient. Complications that might arise can be anticipated and necessary measures can be integrated into the therapy.

A claim or claims can only be considered scientific, if the claim or claims can be reproduced, i.e. verified, at any given time. Since the claims of conventional medicine are not verifiable, i.e., able to be tested for accuracy in any given case, it seeks refuge in statistics. Statistics is a branch of mathematics and therefore considered a science. It is, however, not a natural science. Instead of offering a patient scientifically based therapeutic support, the doctor of conventional medicine can only offer statistics about the probability of survival. Today's physicians are unable to offer any scientifically substantiated knowledge with respect to the healing of a disease.

Hypotheses are claims that have not been verified or are even unverifiable. In science, a hypothesis is a claim that has not (yet) been verified, i.e., proven to be accurate, but nonetheless serves as a basis on which other theories or predictions are built. When, for example, Isaac Newton presented his theory of gravitation, he was asked where gravitation originates. His reply: “I will not advance any hypotheses”. What he meant was that anyone can test the postulates of the law of gravitation, and in the parlance of the philosophy of science, falsify it. To explain gravitation itself, is, however, a different story.

In full accordance with the requirements for a true natural science, Dr. Hamer does not postulate a single hypothesis. His claims are testable and verifiable in every single case of cancer and cancer-equivalents, at any given point in time. In contrast, conventional medicine is based on assumptions that have never been verified. For example, the hypothesis of an “immune system”, postulated by conventional medicine, is an unverified claim, as no one has yet been able to directly observe it. The theory of an immune system, that is, the assumption of the existence of an immune system, forms the basis hypothesis on which other theories and predictions are built, leading to observable “facts”, which are then erroneously considered as “proof” - in this case - of the existence of an “immune system”.

Conventional medicine argues that the activity of microbes in the body is due to the breakdown of the “immune system”. German New Medicine claims that the activity of microbes is triggered by a command of the brain. Conventional medicine cannot scientifically substantiate or predict the activity of microbes in any given case. German New Medicine, on the other hand, is able to scientifically substantiate and predict the onset of microbial activity - in each individual case. According to GNM, the precise moment of the beginning of microbial activity is at the beginning of the second phase of a Significant Biological Special Program. German New Medicine is based on a psycho-biological understanding of the  organism. It therefore neither needs, nor does it rely on, statistics. Colloquially speaking, conventional medicine offers a hodgepodge of pseudo-logical, unverified claims and is therefore unscientific. German New Medicine, on the other hand, offers a comprehensible structure of logical and reproducible claims, and is therefore scientific.

Translated and condensed from the original German document (select pdf below)