Following his medical training at the University of Tuebingen, Germany, Dr. Hamer worked for several years as an assistant at the University’s psychiatric clinic. “What I saw there was dreadful and horrific. Patients, including young people with schizophrenia, who had dreams and hopes like you and I, were sitting in a closed facility like animals in a cage. Nobody knew what diseases these unfortunate people really had. Since that time, I had the strong desire to help those poorest of the poor. I believe that I have succeeded” (Ryke Geerd Hamer, Vermächtnis einer Neuen Medizin, Vol. 2, p. 49).

After Dr. Hamer had discovered the Five Biological Laws and the causes of physical diseases, it was only natural that he investigated also the causes of mental diseases in the context of the New Medicine. Through the studies of his patients’ brain scans, he was able to establish that psychiatric conditions such as psychoses, manic-depressive conditions (“bipolar disorders”), or obsessive-compulsive behaviors always originate from two biological conflicts that correspond to both brain hemispheres. Because of the involvement of both sides of the brain, he termed the various combinations of conflicts “schizophrenic constellations”.

Dr. Hamer: “Our personality is the sum total of our biological conflicts.”

Among the astonishing results of Dr. Hamer's research are his findings that “constellations” have a significant influence on the development of a person’s character and behavior. Going beyond the purely medical aspect, GNM explains why, for instance, someone becomes a perfectionist, a show-off, a compulsive talker, a procrastinator, a homebody, or a loner and why there are people who are tidy, structured, and over punctual while others are messy, unorganized, and chronically late. We also get new insights into the causes of aggressive behaviors, suicidal tendencies, submissiveness, emotional remoteness, and immaturity. Moreover, we learn to understand from the perspective of biological conflicts, what makes a man a womanizer or a woman a nymphomaniac, why a man acts effeminate or why a woman behaves like a man, and what type of conflicts lead to homosexuality. This greatly challenges the view that human behavior is solely shaped by our environment, socially and culturally conditioned, or genetic.  

Schizophrenic constellations such as a Flying Constellation, Mytho Constellation, or Autistic Constellation are of enormous evolutionary significance. As a further step in evolution, they provide humans with the potential for self-growth and for the advancement of humanity as a whole. Many of the greatest discoveries, inventions, technological achievements, and works of art and literature came, therefore, from constellated people.

In The Biological Meaning of Music from the Point of View of German New Medicine (2008), Giovanna Conti examines musical works of Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and Chopin in the context of GNM. She shows how the tempo (fast and slow), the rhythm (stressed and relaxed), the timbre (light and dark), and the choice of scales (major and minor) communicate a Biological Special Program (sympathicotonia and vagotonia) experienced by the composer at the time (see Allegro from Beethoven's Seventh Symphony). This also includes Schizophrenic Constellations (manic-depressive moods) as expressed, for example, in Chopin’s Nocturne No. 20b and Mozart’s Symphony No.40.
“Who would have expected that the Five Biological Laws of the New Medicine will one day serve as the foundation for a completely new appreciation of music” (Professor Helmut Calgéer, German music pedagogue and conductor).

NOTE: Our presentations of the Biological Special Programs and of the Schizophrenic Constellations take into consideration Dr. Hamer's research published in his German publications (including Vermächtnis einer Neuen Medizin [Legacy of a New Medicine], 1987) as well as updates and amendments of the Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine (English translation by Caroline Markolin, 2007). Through her close contact with Dr. Hamer, Caroline Markolin had the privilege to discuss GNM-related questions with Dr. Hamer on a regular basis. The invaluable knowledge she has gained first-hand over a period of more than ten years is incorporated in these pages.


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