The discoveries of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer - presented by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.
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Dr. Hamer has always been deeply concerned about the plagiarism and misrepresentations
of his discoveries, including the unqualified analysis of brain scans.

We therefore wish to inform the public, and particularly those seeking medical support
based on GNM, that there is no association of any kind between German New Medicine®,
and those groups and individuals listed below.  
TOTAL BIOLOGY is an organization founded in 1985 by Dr. Claude Sabbah, a French medical doctor. As early as 1993, Dr. Sabbah was ready to take over Dr. Hamer's New Medicine under the name of La Biologie Totale (Total Biology). To this day, followers of Dr. Sabbah, notably Gérard Athias, Olivier Soulier and off-shoots such as ...
Biological De-Programming or Biogenealogy (Christian Fleche, Patrick Obissier)
Biodecoding® (Anne-Marie Boularand, USA; Daniel Gambartte, Argentina; Enrique Bouron, Canada)
Awareness Healing (Dr. Nelie Johnson, MD)
Recall Healing (Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.)
Quantum University (Dr. Paul Drouin)
Bioneuroemoción (Enric Corbera)

... continue to plagiarize and misrepresent Dr. Hamer's original discoveries. Their literature as well as their teaching reveals a serious lack of a basic understanding of German New Medicine, particularly with regards to the practical application of GNM.
META-Medicine® is plagiarizing Dr. Hamer’s medical research on a large scale. In 2004, Johannes Fisslinger (Los Angeles, CA), together with Dr. Anton Bader (Germany), founder of the IMMA (Intl. Meta Medicine Association) callously took over and renamed Dr. Hamer’s medical research of over 20 years! Richard Flook acts as the international head trainer. Other representatives of this fraudulent organization are Annie Gedye (UK), Dr. Stephanie Provencher and Dr. Kevin Chan (USA), Gita Jayakumar (India), Christa Krahnert (Australia). Richard Flook also operates under the trade name Advanced Clearing Energetics®. Individuals such as Tremayne Reiss, Robert Waghmare, Joanne Ross, Dr. Kwesi Anan Odun (UK) are corrupting Dr. Hamer’s original research under the name META-Health®.
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is using Dr. Hamer’s findings in their Time Line Therapy™ Techniques and Time Empowerment™ Techniques without giving credit to Dr. Hamer, as the originator of GNM, or any reference to Dr. Hamer’s research material. A DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) has been renamed to a SEE (Significant Emotional Experience”)

NLP and META-Medicine are now collaborating in the fraudulent take-over of German New Medicine®, joined by Peter Fraser (NES- Nutri-Energetics System®).
EPFX/SCIO, developed by William Nelsen, is a device based on a random event generator that tests a large database of items, including "Hamer Herd" facilities"! This alleged “Cancer Scan” matches the data of the disturbed brain area with other stored information. Because of the large number of parameters involved, the results are rather unpredictable. Once again, Dr. Hamer’s name  has been misused for a ”medicine“ that includes an irresponsible misrepresentation of his research.
Dr. DAVID HOLT, D.O., HMD (Integrative Medical Center, Nevada) falsely presents himself as the leading U.S. physician in German New Medicine. In Dr. Holt's YouTube video, entitled German New Medicine. Creating a Heart Attack - An Animal Study, a territorial loss conflict is intentionally inflicted on a healthy dog. When, six weeks later, the experimenters returned the animal to his territory, the dog had a fatal heart attack (commented by Dr. Mercola and Dr. Holt with laughter). With this disgraceful film, Dr. Holt is trying to verify Dr. Hamer's findings on the cause of heart attacks. In his video, Dr. Holt is giving the entirely wrong impression that Dr. Hamer and German New Medicine is involved in animal experimentation. Dr. Hamer strongly opposes testing on animals. Dr. Hamer: today's animal testing is nothing but cruelty, ignoring that animals have a soul. Therefore, I allow myself the following prediction: one day, all animal experimentation will be exposed as a disgrace for our whole society and will be seen as a testimony to our unspeakable lack of knowledge and sensitivity.
Dr. JOHN TURNER, D.C. (Atlanta, GA), who has been using Dr. Hamer's medical discoveries for the promotion of his EON Therapy Certification Program, is now marketing his “research under the name Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy (QNRT). Based on the two-phase pattern of all diseases, the resolution (clearing) of an emotional traumatic experience can cause the onset of healing symptoms with potentially serious complications, particularly during the Epileptoid Crisis. Since the psyche, the brain, and the related organ always work in unison, it is, according to Dr. Hamer, of the utmost importance to downgrade an intense conflict before its complete resolution. Under certain circumstances it is even imperative NOT to resolve a conflict in order to prevent a difficult healing crisis. Most noticeable symptoms, such as swelling, pain, inflammation, fever, discharge as well as certain cancers, are signs that the organism is already undergoing a natural healing process, indicating that the related conflict has already been resolved (cleared)!
TAMMY McGREGOR (Calgary, Canada) has created an iPhone APP inspired by the findings of Dr. Hamer and marketed as a tool to be able to make your own diagnosis, craft your own prescription, and devise an action plan on how to help your healing soar!. We strongly caution the public not to buy into this irresponsible exploitation and distortion of Dr. Hamer's research.
DEBBIE CARROLL (Moncton, Canada) is selling GNM material that she gleaned from notes she took during Caroline Markolin’s Canadian GNM Seminars. We feel obliged to inform those who are studying German New Medicine that her “GNM Articles” contain substantial errors and in many cases are blatantly wrong! With her “e-Cheat Sheets” she openly plagiarizes Dr. Hamer’s Scientific Chart of German New Medicine®.
Since we keep receiving inquiries about the “German New Medicine” FaceBook page hosted by John Theobald (Canada), we must make it clear that is not associated with that page. Because of his obvious misuse of the trademark German New Medicine® through the presentation of subjects that are unrelated or contradictory to Dr. Hamer’s work, as well as his postings of personal comments under a protected trade name, we firmly distance ourselves from John Theobald’s face book activities.