“Consider yourself fortunate, because you can learn within a short period of time,
what took me years to discover.” (Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer)

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Conventional medicine relies largely on theories, statistics, and countless “new studies” that are often contradicted by the “latest research”. Even though medical doctrines, such as the concept of an immune systemor of “malignant” and metastasizingcancers, have never been scientifically verified, the guardians of the established medicine have found effective ways to turn guess-work into “truths”, making the public believe that the unproven results are “good science”.  

German New Medicine (GNM) is neither an alternative medicine, nor an integrative medicine, nor a complementary medicine”. Rather than on theories, the NEW MEDICINE is founded on natural biological laws. Firmly anchored in embryology, GNM offers a complete scientific system that allows to identify the causes of diseases, accurately predict their development, and recognize symptoms that indicate healing. The shift into the GNM paradigm involves exciting new approaches with regard to diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention.

NOTE: Our presentations of the Biological Special Programs and of the Schizophrenic Constellations take into consideration Dr. Hamer's research published in his German publications as well as updates and amendments of the Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine (English translation by Caroline Markolin, 2007). Through her close contact with Dr. Hamer, Caroline Markolin, Ph.D., had the privilege to discuss GNM-related questions with Dr. Hamer on a regular basis. The invaluable knowledge she has gained first-hand over a period of more than ten years and her continued studies of the WORK are incorporated in these pages.




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