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Abscess (Gums)
Abscess (Tooth)
Abscess (Skin)
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
ADHD (Attenion Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
Adnexitis (Fallopian Tubes)
Adnexitis (Ovaries)
Adrenal Cancer (Adrenal Cortex)
Adrenal Cancer (Adrenal Medulla)
Air Conflict (Goblet Cells)
Air Conflict (Trachea)
Allergy (Asthma)
Allergy (Cold Symptoms)
Allergy (Skin)
Allergy Cough (Bronchia)
Allergy Cough (Larynx)
ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
Amenorrhea (Cervix)
Amenorrhea (Ovaries)
Aneurysm (Abdominal Aorta)
Aneurysm (Cerebral Artery)
Aneurysm (External Carotid Artery)
Aneurysm (Internal Carotid Artery)
Aneurysm (Subclavian Artery)
Angina Pectoris (Coronary Arteries)
Angina Pectoris (Coronary Veins)
Anosmia (Loss of Sense of Smell)
Aorta (abdominal)
Aorta (descending)
Aorta (ascending)
Aphthous Ulcers (Mouth Submucosa)
Aphthous Ulcers (Mouth Surface Mucosa)
Arteries (cerebral)
Arteriosclerosis (Arteries)
Arteriosclerosis (Coronary Arteries)
Arteriosclerosis (Internal Carotid Arteries)
Arteriosclerosis (Subclavian Arteries)
Asthma (bronchial)
Asthma (laryngeal)
Attack Conflict (Eyelid Glands)
Attack Conflict (Pericardium)
Attack Conflict (Peritoneum)
Attack Conflict (Pleura)
Attack Conflict (Testicles)
Attack Conflict (Corium Skin)
Bipolar Disorder (see Manic Depression)
Bite Conflict (Dentin)
Bite Conflict (Enamel)
Bite Conflict (Jaw Bones)
Bite Conflict (Jaw Muscles)
Bladder Cancer (Mucosa)
Bladder Cancer (Trigone)
Bladder Infection (Bladder Mucosa)
Bladder Infection (Bladder Muscle)
Bladder Infection (Bladder Trigone)
Bladder Sphincter (external)
Blepharoptosis (Eyelid Muscle)
Blepharospasm (Levator Muscle)
Blepharospasm (Orbicularis Oculi)
Body Odor (excessive sweating)
Body Odor (night sweats)
Boils (Connective Tissue)
Boils (Skin)
Bradycardia (Carotid Sinus)
Bradycardia (Coronary Arteries)
Breast Cancer (glandular)
Breast Cancer (intraductal)
Breast Cyst (Breast Glands)
Breast Cyst (Milk Ducts)
Breathing Conflict (Diaphragm)

Candidiasis (Bartholin’s Glands)
Candidiasis (Bladder Trigone)
Candidiasis (Colon)
Candidiasis (Duodenum)
Candidiasis (Ears)
Candidiasis (Kidney)
Candidiasis (Lungs)
Candidiasis (Mouth)
Candidiasis (Penis)
Candidiasis (Small Intestine)
Candidiasis (Tonsils)
Candidiasis (Uterus and Fallopian Tubes)
Candidiasis (Vagina)
Canker Sores (Mouth Submucosa)
Canker Sores (Mouth Surface Mucosa)
Carbuncle (Connective Tissue)
Carbuncle (Corium Skin)
Cardiac Arrest (Myocardium)
Cardiac Arrest (Pericardium)
Cardiac Arrest (Coronary Arteries)
Cardiac Tamponade (Myocardium)
Cardiac Tamponade (Pericardium)
Carotid Arteries (external)
Carotid Arteries (internal)
Cataract (green)
Cataract (grey)
Cavities (Dentin)
Cavities (Enamel)
Coughing (Lungs)
Coughing (Bronchial Mucosa)
Coughing (Bronchial Muscles)
Delusions of Grandeur (Megalomania)
Depression (Primary Depression)
Dermoid Cyst (Ovaries)
Dermoid Cyst (Testicles)
Diabetes (Alpha Islet Cells)
Diabetes (Beta Islet Cells)
Dry Eyes (Conjunctiva)
Dry Eyes (Eyelid Gland Ducts)
Dry Eyes (Tear Ducts)
Dry Eyes (Tear Glands)
Dry Mouth (Salivary Glands)
Dry Mouth (Salivary Gland Ducts)
Dry Orgasm (Prostate)
Dry Orgasm (Ejaculatory Ducts)
Ear (Middle Ear)
Ears (Auditory Canal)
Ears (Outer Ear)
Ectropion (Eyelid Muscle)
Effusion (Pericardium)
Effusion (Peritoneum)
Effusion (Pleura)
Ejaculation Conflict (Ejaculatory Ducts)
Erectile Dysfunction (corpora cavernosa)
Erectile Dysfunction (penile arteries)
Esophagus (lower third)
Esophagus (upper two-thirds)
Esophageal Cancer (lower third)
Esophageal Cancer (upper two-thirds)
Excessive Talkativeness (see Logorrhea)
Eyes Opening/Closing Conflict (Orbicularis Oculi)
Farsightedness (Ciliary Muscles)
Farsightedness (Retina)
Feces Conflict (Rectum Submucosa)
Feces Conflict (Sigmoid Submucosa)
Feces Conflict (Sigmoid and Rectal Muscles)
Feces Conflict (Internal Rectal Sphincter)
Feces Conflict (Paraanal Ducts)
Feeding Conflict (Prolactin)
Furuncle (Connective Tissue)
Furuncle (Corium Skin)
Gender Conflict (Prostate)
Gender Conflict (Uterus)
Genital Warts (Cervix)
Genital Warts (Penis)
Genital Warts (Vagina)
Germ Cells (Ovaries)
Germ Cells (Testicles)
Germ Cell Tumor (Ovaries)
Germ Cell Tumor (Testicles)
Goiter (Thyroid Ducts)
Goiter (Thyroid Gland)
Gonorrhea (Prostate Ducts)
Gonorrhea (Urethra)
Hallucination (auditory)
Hallucination (olfactory)
Hallucination (kinetic)
Hallucination (visual)
HD (Hyperactive Disorder)
Headaches (Migraine Headaches)
Headaches (Sinus Headaches)
Hearing Conflict (Inner Ear)
Hearing Conflict (Middle Ear)
Hearing Loss (Inner Ear)
Hearing Loss (Middle Ear)
Heart Attack (Coronary Arteries)
Heart Attack (Myocardium)
Hepatomegaly (Bile Ducts)
Hepatomegaly (Liver Parenchyma)
Herpes (labialis)
Herpes (vaginal)  
Hypercalcemia (Bones)
Hypercalcemia (Parathyroid Glands)
Hyperopia (Ciliary Muscles)
Hyperopia (Lens)
Hyperopia (Retina)
Hypersensitivity (Periosteum)
Hypertension (Adrenal Medulla)
Hypertension (Myocardium)
Hypertension (Kidney Parenchyma)
Hypertension (Thyroid Glands)
Hypotension (Carotid Sinus)
Hypotension (Myocardium)
Incontinence (urinary)
Incontinence (fecal)
Infertility (Cervix)
Infertility (Ovaries)
Infertility (Testicles)
Inner Ear (Cochlea)
Inner Ear (Vestibular Organ)
Insomnia (Sleep Disturbances)
Irregular Periods (Constellation)
Kidney Cancer (Kidney Parenchyma)
Kidney Cancer (Kidney Collecting Tubules)
Kidney Cirrhosis (Kidney Parenchyma)
Kidney Cirrhosis (Kidney Collecting Tubules)
Kidney Colic (Kidney Collecting Tubules)
Kidney Colic (Renal Pelvis)
Kidney Failure (glomerular)
Kidney Failure (tubulous)
Kidney Infection (Kidney Collecting Tubules)
Kidney Infection (Renal Pelvis)
Kidney Insufficiency (glomerular)
Kidney Stones (calcium oxalate)
Kidney Stones (urates)
Loss Conflict (Female Germ Cells)
Loss Conflict (Male Germ Cells)
Loss Conflict (Ovaries)
Loss Conflict (Testicles)
Low Blood Pressure (Carotid Sinus)
Low Blood Pressure (Myocardium)
Lung Edema (Lungs)
Lung Edema (Mitral Valve)
Lung Edema (Myocardium)
Macrocalcification (Breast Glands)
Mating Conflict (Prostate)
Menstrual Bleeding (Uterus Muscles)
Menstruation (absent), see Amenorrhea
Menstruation (irregular), see Irregular Periods
Mesothelioma (Omentum)
Mesothelioma (Pericardium)
Mesothelioma (Peritoneum)
Mesothelioma (Pleura)
Mesothelioma (Retroperitoneum)
Mesothelioma (Testicles)
Microcalcification (Milk Ducts)
Mononucleosis (Lymph Nodes)
Mononucleosis (Pharyngeal Ducts)
Morsel (Visual) Conflict (Ciliary Body)
Morsel Conflict (Stomach)
Morsel Conflict (Duodenum)
Morsel Conflict (Small Intestine)
Morsel Conflict (Pancreas)
Morsel Conflict (Mouth and Pharynx)
Morsel Conflict (Parathyroid Glands)
Morsel Conflict (Thyroid Gland)
Morsel Conflict (Pituitary Gland)
Mouth and Pharynx (Submucosa)
Mouth and Pharynx (Surface Mucosa)
Mumps (Salivary Glands)
Mumps (Salivary Gland Ducts)
Muscles (skeletal)
Muscles (smooth)
Muscles (striated)  
Myocardium (Atria)
Myocardium (Ventricles)
Myopia (Ciliary Muscles)
Myopia (Cornea)
Myopia (Retina)
Nasal Polyps (Nasopharynx)
Nasal Polyps (Sinuses)
Nearsightedness (Ciliary Muscles)
Nearsightedness (Retina)
OCD (Obsessive-Compulisve Dsorder)
OBE (Out-of-Body Experience)
Oral Cancer (Mouth Submucosa)
Oral Cancer (Mouth Surface Mucosa)
Orgasm (female)
Ovarian Cancer (Teratoma)
Pancreatitis (Pancreas Gland)
Pancreatitis (Pancreatic Ducts)
Papillary Carcinoma (Milk Ducts)
Parotitis (Salivary Glands)
Parotitis (Salivary Gland Ducts)
Penis (Corpora Cavernosa)
Penis (Glans)
Penis (Hypersensitivity)
Penis (Hyposensitivity)
Penis Conflict (Cervical Muscles)
Penis Conflict (Vaginal Muscles)
Peripheral Edema (Myocardium)
Peritoneal Effusion (transudative)
Pertussis (Bronchia)
Pertussis (Larynx)
Pfeiffer’s Disease (Lymph Nodes)
Pfeiffer’s Disease (Pharyngeal Ducts)
Plaque (dental)
Pleural Effusion (exudative)
Pleural Effusion (transudative)
Polyp (Colon)
Polyp (Mouth)
Polyp (Paranasal Sinuses)

Rectal Muscles (striated)
Rectal Sphincter (external)
Rectal Sphincter (internal)
Rectum (Submucosa)
Rectum (Surface Mucosa)
Rubella (German Measles)
Sarcoma (Connective Tissue)
Sarcoma (Muscles)
Sarcoma (Uterus Muscles)
Scleroderma (Connective Tissue)
Scotoma, scintillating
Self-Devaluation Conflict (Connective Tissue)
Self-Devaluation Conflict (Lymphatic System)
Self-Devaluation Conflict (Skeletal Muscles)
Separation Conflict (Milk Ducts)
Separation Conflict (Periosteum)
Separation Conflict/Visual (Eyelid Gland Ducts)
Sexual Conflict (Coronary Veins)
Sexual Conflict (Cervix)
Shit Conflict (Rectum Submucosa)
Shit Conflict (Sigmoid Submucosa)
Shit Conflict (Sigmoid and Rectal Muscles)
Sicca Syndrome (Salivary Glands)
Sicca Syndrome (Salivary Gland Ducts)
Sjogren’s Syndrome (Salivary Glands)
Sjogren’s Syndrome (Salivary Gland Ducts)
Sjogren’s Syndrome (Tear Ducts)
Sjogren’s Syndrome (Tear Glands)
Sjogren’s Syndrome (Eyelid Gland Ducts)
Skin (Corium Skin)
Skin (Epidermis)
Skin Cancer (Melanoma)
Sleep Apnea (Diaphragm)
Sleep Apnea (Myocardium)
Stomach (Greater Curvature)
Stomach (Small Curvature)
Stroke (red stroke)
Stroke (white stroke)
Struma (Thyroid Ducts)
Struma (Thyroid Gland)
Struma (retrosternal)
Subclavian Arteries (Inner Sections)
Subclavian Arteries (Outer Sections)
Sweating, excessive (Sweat Glands)
SYNDROME (Brain Level)
SYNDROME (Medication)
SYNDROME (Organ Level)
Tachycardia (Coronary Veins)
Tachycardia (Myocardium)
Teeth (Dentin)
Teeth (Enamel)
Territorial Anger Conflict (Pancreatic Ducts)
Territorial Loss Conflict (Carotid Arteries)
Territorial Loss Conflict (Coronary Arteries)
Territorial Loss Conflict (Subclavian Arteries)
Territorial Marking Conflict (Prostatic Ducts)
Testicular Cancer (Teratoma)
Thyroid (overactive)
Thyroid (underactive)
Tooth Decay (Dentin)
Tooth Decay (Enamel)
Transudative Effusion (Pericardium)
Transudative Effusion (Peritoneum)
Trigeminal Neuralgia (Facial Bones)
Trigeminal Neuralgia (Facial Skin)
Trigeminal Neuralgia (Periostal Nerves)
Urinary Phase (Kidney Collecting Tubules/CL)
Urinary Tract Infection (Bladder and Urethra)
Vaginal Dryness (Bartholin's Glands)
Vaginal Dryness (Vaginal Mucosa)
Visual Conflict (Smooth Ciliary Muscles)
Visual Conflict (Striated Ciliary Muscles)
Visual Conflict (Extraocular Muscles)
Whooping Cough (Bronchia)