Biological conflicts: territorial loss conflict and sexual conflict, experienced by a male. In this case, the territorial loss conflict has also a sexual aspect, for example, the loss of a (potential) sexual mate. NOTE: A man in a Casanova Constellation is at the same time in a Postmortal Constellation.

Brain and Organ Level: The corresponding brain relays are the control centers of the coronary veins (left temporal lobe) and coronary arteries (right temporal lobe), located opposite each other in the cerebral cortex.

Once the second conflict occurs, the male is in constellation and manic-depressive (compare with primary mania and primary depression). Whether the manic or depressed mood is dominant is determined by which of the two conflicts is stronger. The constellation can be permanent or recurring due to tracks or conflict relapses.

The Casanova Constellation presents as a compulsion to conquer women. The extent of the compulsion is proportional to the intensity of the conflicts. The biological purpose of the constellation is to force a man who has lost a sexual mate or has been sexually rejected to chase women in order to secure procreation (compare with Nympho Constellation related to females). The Casanova Constellation creates, therefore, the womanizer, the promiscuous man, and the sex maniac.

The Spanish painter Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is said to have had an insatiable urge to seduce women. Many of his most iconic works feature his wives and mistresses. The artist’s sexual appetite was irrepressible. Over the course of his life, he had two wives, six mistresses, and dozens, if not hundreds of lovers, many of whom served as the inspiration for the artist’s exceptionally prolific body of work.

According to his biography, he began visiting brothels with his father already at the young age of 13. Hence, his Casanova Constellation must have been established earlier than that. Picasso was right-handed (note that in this picture, he holds his dog on his left, mother/child side).  

Was Picasso’s pioneering painting style, which became known as Cubism, inspired by a maturity stop? (take a close look at Picasso's facial features in the picture above)

A Casanova’s fixation with sex shows in the way he approaches a woman, the way he looks at her, touches her, or talks to her. Typically, his conversations have overt sexual implications. Together with a Megalomania Constellation, particularly with a “mating megalomania”, he tends to boast about his sexual activities. Here we find the sexual show-off. Alcohol could be a track that triggers a lecherous behavior.

The manic Casanova (male type) has a pronounced sexual desire since his testosterone level is considerably higher than normal. Hence, he comes on to women very strong, while the depressed Casanova (female type) tries to conquer a woman in a more shy or passive way. His intentions, however, are just the same. A Casanova, whether manic or depressed, is predominantly interested in a sexual relationship and, thus, not capable of developing a deep emotional bond with a woman. In fact, a Casanova feels more comfortable, more himself, in the company of men. With a maturity stop, let’s say, if he is at the emotional age of a 15 year-old, he is not ready to commit to a steady relationship, let alone to a marriage (if he does, he is usually notoriously unfaithful). Typically, his mother remains the number one woman in his life.

The manic Casanova is outgoing and fun-loving, happy and cheerful. At social gatherings, he is the joker (the “clown”) who entertains the party with his pronounced sense of humor. Yet, since he is also in a Postmortal Constellation, a strong constellation puts the manic Casanova at risk of committing suicide
With an intense Casanova Constellation, a man’s hypersexuality and obsession with sex can cause an addiction to pornography, obsessive sexual fantasies, or compulsive sexual behaviors such as compulsive masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, cybersex, and other excessive sexual pursuits. The manic episodes are usually followed by a depression. A strong constellation also creates the sexual stalker. Sadistic and masochistic sexual tendencies develop with a concurrent Aggressive Constellation.