Trevor Moore, Canada

May 19, 2021

"GNM gave me my life back"

My colitis symptoms started in June 2020. I noticed that I had to go to the washroom more often. At first it was only diarrhea but over time it became more frequent and eventually the stools were bloody. I didn't really know what was wrong with me. Like most people, I thought it was my diet. Admittedly, I was drinking a lot of energy drinks and coffee and ate a lot of take-out since I didn't want to be bothered to cook when I had so much homework to do for my web and app development courses.

My bloody diarrhea continued for about 3 months until it got to the point where it was uncontrollable. I could no longer hold my stool and it was starting to affect my life. I went to see the doctor and in the hospital they did a colonoscopy. Since the colitis was still fairly mild, they gave me Mesalamine suppositories to try for a month. It worked great. The symptoms were completely gone by the time I finished the prescription. However, 2 weeks later the symptoms came back. This time, ten times worse and, again, I thought it was my diet. By then, I had already quit energy drinks and coffee and tried to eat better but nothing seemed to work.

At that time, I was attending school online, so I was able to stay home but my condition got so bad that it didn't even matter. I was in so much pain that I could hardly sit at my computer to attend an online class. I was constantly running to the washroom to the point where I would stand up and go wash my hands and had to turn around and go again. I'm not exaggerating when I say I had to go at least 30-60 times a day. The pain was unbearable at this point. I was losing a lot of weight like. Finally, I went back to the hospital where they gave me prednisone. They put me on a double dose of the Mesalamine suppositories and 40mg of prednisone. They also set me up with a dietitian and booked me in to have a phone call appointment with a GI specialist. I talked to many doctors. I tried the drugs and the diet they recommended. It didn't seem to help at all until I found GNM.

One day in the late fall, when I was online trying to see if anyone else had the same problem, I came across “Mike The Heal Your Gut Guy" where he had a guest speaking about his gut story and how he applied GNM. His story sounded just like mine, so I got curious. What struck me was that colitis was, according to GNM, not caused by one’s diet or the “wrong food” but by emotional distress, or a “conflict shock”. I went to the LearningGNM website and began reading as much as I could and the more I learned the better I felt.

I hate to say it but I really jumped the gun on my healing. I decided to put GNM to the test. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza, got myself a Starbucks Macciato and ate a small tub of ice cream and who knows what all. Something happened that I never thought would ever happen. I was fine! It was this small victory that really did it for me because this is coming from someone who would take 2 sips of coffee and end up in bed with horrible pain and bleeding.

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end here. After about a week, the symptoms were coming back and I started letting doubt creep into my mind that maybe the medication was working and GNM wasn't working after all. So in February 2021, I booked an online call with Caroline Markolin because deep inside I knew that GNM made sense. After I talked to Caroline, I was absolutely blown away. During our conversation she explained to me “ulcerative colitis” from the GNM perspective and that the symptoms are an indication that I had resolved an “indigestible morsel conflict”. I immediately recognized the “bankruptcy morsel” and the financial stress I had in the spring of 2020. And, indeed, it was in June 2020 that my financial situation had improved. This was exactly the time when I got colitis.

Through reading the LearningGNM website, I already knew that chronic diarrhea was caused by “ tracks ”. So one of my reasons to contact Caroline was to help me to find my tracks and learn what I need to do to actually get rid of them to make more progress. We figured out that the topic of “investment” was a track. It would therefore be best to stay away from the subject, particularly on the internet. The main point was to become aware that the financial distress that I had in spring 2020 was now a thing of the past and no longer relevant. Caroline recommended letting go of that “event”, try to live in the presence, and to move on with my life. She made another important point. Since we are made to believe that it is our diet that causes gut diseases like colitis, it is essential to give each food we eat a positive meaning, namely “I am able to digest you!”, “you are good for me!” rather than “you are giving me diarrhea”. Because when we tell our subconscious (the psyche) that the foods we eat are no longer a “danger”, it can let go of the tracks and the diarrhea will stop.

After doing my GNM “homework”, I am now symptom-free. I can eat and drink whatever I want without getting diarrhea. GNM gave me my life back. Thank you, Dr. Hamer, for your discovery! Thank you, Caroline, for making the GNM knowledge accessible to everyone! Thank you, Mike, for pointing people into the right direction!

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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