G. S.

February 25th, 2009

"If more parents would study GNM, …"

My grandson developed Neurodermatitis with red, rough cheeks at age 4 months. My daughter (his mother) got in touch with me right away and wanted to know what she can do as she never allowed her children to be vaccinated and they do not consult doctors, because she has known about German New Medicine for some time now.
I knew right away what causes this, because skin is related to a separation conflict.

The following explains what happened:
For the first four months of his life, the little-one was sleeping on the chesterfield until the parents went to bed and took the child with them to put him to bed next to his older sister. They all sleep in the same room.
My daughter became concerned, that the baby might fall off the chesterfield before bedtime, and she decided to put the baby to bed with his sister earlier, and the parents stayed up till later. They monitored the kids with a "baby-phone".
The baby woke up quite often and before my daughter got to him (the bedroom was on a floor below), he was already in a panic. This went on for a considerable time, until she called me.
I said right away: "'Separation conflict'", so try to reverse your decision and keep him on the chesterfield until you are ready to go to bed yourselves". But my daughter did not want to do this, because they wanted some time to themselves, too.
"Then you have to live with the skin condition of your baby", I replied.
My daughter then consulted an Alternative Medical Doctor. He recommended: "No wheat or dairy products". This was not a problem for her, because she was still nursing her baby. And because she did not drink milk anyway, she decided to forego the cheese too. Since she was baking the bread herself, she switched to Rye - and Dinkel grains. But the skin condition remained unchanged!
In May they went on a holiday trip and when they returned 14 days later, my daughter called me all excited and said: "The skin has healed - it must have been the different air".
I said: "No; where were you when the children were asleep? Were you also a floor above or below?" "No, we were sitting on the balcony in front of the hotel room", she answered.
What happened was that the child could hear the parents talk during its sleep and the neurodermatitis, which is visible only in the healing phase of the conflict, was able to heal completely. My daughter never used any kind of skin ointments to help in this healing process. You might ask, why did it not heal before? The answer is, that each time the child panicked, the healing stopped and had to start again from the beginning - a constant repeat of the cycle i.e. when his mother got there, the healing continued.
My suspicions were confirmed by S.M. [GNM Therapist], who looked at the pictures of my grandson and said that in view of both parents being involved, the child reacted with both sides of the face. - This refers to the fact, that some children suffer facial skin problems quite often only on one side, depending on the handedness and whether the mother or some other person is the one the child feels separated from.
The child is now 4 years old and there was no relapse. My daughter also has quit her job in order to be a caring 'full time mom'! My husband and I had the boy over for a couple of days recently and there were absolutely no problems.
My recommendation to parents of small children would be to make do with fewer 'luxuries' and spent more quality time with them. They would be healthier and if more parents would study GNM, a lot of the so called 'dis-eases' could be avoided.
I thank Dr. Hamer and Mr. Pilhar for their patience in teaching us and for making this precious knowledge available to everyone.
Cheers, G.S.

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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