April 13, 2010

"Now I am free of my allergy!"

I am 40 years of age and I have had a sun allergy for many years. The allergy always occurred when I was horse-back riding or while outdoors with my parents.

I had never really paid attention to the circumstances surrounding my rash outbreaks but was conscious of sometimes getting terribly itchy and having a dinner plate-sized rash on my body.

When, during a GNM Seminar, our teacher, Mr. Pilhar (Austria), related a case of sun allergy in regards to "tracks", I thought that I would have to put this to the test.

On Easter Saturday of 2010, I went for a walk with my parents, being careful to wear a T-shirt in order to provoke the rash. I wanted to know exactly where on my arms it would show up. It promptly did, on the left side of my body. After 20 minutes in the sun I began to feel itchy there; and, after an hour I had a big, red blistery rash on the outside of both my left lower and upper arm. I am left-handed!

Based on my biological handedness, I now clearly knew that the skin-related separation conflict could not be over my mother, with whom I had never had any problems, in any case. Nor could it be over my husband ("partner"), since I never got a rash while in the sun with him. My horse I consider to be my "child", so I would expect any rash in regard to it to have shown up on my "mother/child"-side (right side of the body for a left-handed person). Since my rash was on the outside of my arm, for the next two days, I reflected on the subject as of a "conflict of wanting to be separated from somebody".  At first, I just couldn't figure it out. Then it suddenly came to me.

For over four years I had been doing volunteer work with a quadriplegic lady, whom I visited quite often. One beautiful summer's day I visited her on my horse. Afterwards, I drove her to a picnic-area by a lake, where my parents were preparing her favorite meal. To pass the time until dinner was ready, I wheeled her down to the lake-shore where children were playing.

Suddenly, out of the blue, she vehemently demanded of me that I push her into the lake and let her drown! I stood there in complete shock, while she continued to scream loudly at me and tried impotently to make the chair fall into the lake. I told her that if I killed her I would be jailed for murder, but she just screamed that she didn't care; nor did she give a fig about the playing children having to witness all this! (I do understand that it couldn't be an easy life to be 100 percent dependent on help from others).

I hurriedly pushed her back to my parents – anything to get her away from the beach -- but she was no longer able to calm herself down and continued to rage, even refusing the dinner that my father had spent the whole afternoon making for her. So, all I could do was to drive her back to the Residence in which she lived, the whole while being screamed at by her. I was in utter despair. 

I broke off all contact, but it also broke my heart. I just couldn't handle this. After 7 years of fulfilling her every wish, I couldn't fulfill this last one. All this happened in 2002, but ever since I felt guilty about breaking off the contact.

After the afore-mentioned Easter Saturday, I lay down in a meditative state and mentally as well as emotionally reconciled with her. She had died about 4 years ago, but my guilty conscience obviously had not – as attested to by the re-occurring rash.

Now I am free of my allergy! I have been many times in the sun since that day, either on horse-back or outdoors with my parents in a T-shirt, and my skin has remained completely fine.

Thank you, Dr. Hamer

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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