Ria W., England

September 1, 2000

"I let go of all my fears"

Ria W.
to Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer  
Dear Dr. Hamer,

It is with profound gratitude and joy, that I send you the report of the wonderful healing of my colon cancer.

I had been suffering from colon cancer for more than ten years.

My doctors had been giving me various cancer treatments, but there had never been any effective, measurable success from them. On the contrary, my disease had become progressively worse. I had given up on the possibility of being cured, had given up on myself, and was already looking death in the eye.

And then something extraordinary happened!

In January 1999 I was found to be completely well again! A follow-up appointment had miraculously found that my cancer was gone! 

What had happened?

In the beginning of January 1999, my cousin F.W. from Germany had come to visit me for two days. Soon, we were discussing my disease. Interestingly, F.W.'s first question focused on trying to find the cause.

Fantastic! Never before had anyone asked about any possible causes!

Together, F.W. and I found surprisingly many causes – from geopathogenic interferences to serious distress – the kind that "gnaws on the soul". He was talking about unbearable and persistent anger that I could not "digest" as well as about my terrible feelings of anxiety and my inability to cope with all that was happening to me.

I simply had too much on my plate! One conflict after the other got me "on the wrong foot".

F. W. said: "Ria, it is clear to me that you've had to "swallow too many indigestible morsels", in your life. That is what your disease is! That is your allegedly incurable cancer – your colon tumor! There is a whole lot that you cannot work through or 'digest', so-to-speak".

I started to comprehend!

He went on to tell me about a doctor he knows personally – a Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer and of his discoveries, called German New Medicine.

"As far as I understand from Dr. Hamer", F.W. continued, "there is no such thing as a malignant tumor, nor are metastases possible. Such things would be contrary to the laws of nature! That kind of old mentality is stupid and wrong. It is why conventional medicine always finds itself at an impasse. They will never get beyond that, unless they are ready to change their thinking. In nature, a cancerous tumor has a very meaninful job to do - that is to say, it has to fulfill a Significant Biological Special Program (SBS).

I found everything F.W. was telling me riveting. He was talking about things I had never heard of before. To me, this new information was wonderful, logical, believable, complete within itself, and it explained so much about how nature really works.

F.W spoke of the two phases of every disease – the conflict-active phase and the healing-phase that comes after the conflict has been resolved.

He told me of the wonderful laws of nature, of the iron rule of cancer, and of the psyche-brain-organ correlation.

I found out, that German New Medicine does not deal with any hypotheses (suppositions that are to be taken for granted), whereas allopathic medicine still works with several thousand of those.  

What a difference!

With German New Medicine everything became clear, simple, easy to understand, natural and, above all, provable! Imagine, a one-hundred percent accuracy in diagnosis!

I let go of my fears. I got my hope back. I got my faith back. I discovered a new world. From one day to the next, I began to see the world in a new light. The sun was rising for me again.

In short, a new life began for me with my discovery of German New Medicine -- because body, mind and spirit are one unit. One cannot just treat symptoms and forget about all of the rest, run roughshod over it, or leave it out altogether!

We have to see the whole-ness of man. That is what wholistic health is all about.

Together, F.W. and I began to discuss all of my various problems and conflicting emotions. Some of them we were able to solve right away, others not. Yet, through that process I learned to accept them, to cope with them, and to handle them. I had a thorough grasp of my situation now. I was above the fear.

Why is there so much panic-mongering in cases like mine? For me, those fearful, anxious times are now over.

F.W. was a uniquely good „therapist" for me. Ever since he visited me, I have been going nowhere but up! His loving, personal gift was more important, and helped me more, than any previous „treatments" I had received.

A natural way of healing is always the best method, after all. I certainly experienced that within my own body. Because -- without getting any more treatments -- a self-healing occurred with me, from one day to the next.

Three weeks after F. W. left, I was able to say to him, word for word, on the telephone: "I no longer have cancer!"

I thank F.W. for accompanying me on my healing-journey, and I thank Dr. Hamer for his god-given discovery of German New Medicine – with which I am now quite familiar and which has presented me with a new life.

For me, completely healthy now, the dawn has come again.
God bless you, dear Dr. Hamer.

Viva la medicina sagrada!

Your Ria W. from England

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