Inge K.

September, 16, 2009

"The child was all by herself and felt stuck in her crib"

Dear Mr. Pilhar,

My name is Inge K. and we've met last spring at your GNM presentation in Bavaria …

It is with great pleasure that I am sending you a fascinating GNM testimonial concerning my grandniece Joella who is 14 months old.

It just happened two days ago, that Joella was all of a sudden not able to walk (she had learned to walk at the age of 12 months). My niece who is familiar with German New Medicine tried to call me right away to seek my advice. Unfortunately, she couldn't reach me until the evening of that day.
In the meantime, the whole family was in great turmoil. Joella's legs were paralyzed! The pediatrician whom my niece had consulted had no explanation of what could have caused the paralysis - the child had not been vaccinated. However, a few days earlier he had given Joella a high potency homeopathic remedy and assumed that this could have caused the paralysis. He gave my niece the advice to wait.

My sister, Joella's grandmother, was in total despair. She saw her beloved grandchild already in a wheelchair. She urged my niece to immediately see a medical doctor to establish whether the child has contracted Lyme disease. She had also heard from her neighbors that antibiotics could "cure" Lyme disease. At this point, my sister was no longer open for any explanations about the invalidity of Lyme disease tests and the harmfulness of antibiotics.

Luckily, I clearly remembered the GNM testimonial "Motor Paralysis in an Infant", so I knew that we had to look for a conflict of "not being able to escape". I was aware that I didn't have much time as my sister was insisting on taking Joella for blood tests.

I called my niece and asked her if somebody was holding the child against her will. At first she said no, but then she remembered. Yes, two days ago, the pediatrician had recommended leaving Joella alone in her crib at night so she could get used to falling asleep on her own. The little girl was crying a lot, was very scared, and constantly called for her Mom.

There it was! This was the conflict! It couldn't have been more obvious. The child was all by herself and felt stuck in her crib (although my niece was checking up on her every five minutes).

Resolving the conflict was now easy. I gave my niece the advice to demonstrate to Joella that she was capable of getting out of her crib at any time. Later, she told me what exactly happened: she had Joella watch how she removed the bars from the crib; then she asked her to crawl into the little bed and out again, which she managed without any problems. And from one minute to the next Joella was WALKING  - to everyone's great relief. Squealing with pleasure, she was showing off to everyone how to get in and out of her crib!!

We cannot even imagine what would have happened if Joella had been forced to go through the Lyme disease testing: another conflict of "not being able to escape"?

I hope that this story will help others the way one GNM testimonial on your website has helped us.

With my very best wishes,

Sincerely Yours,

Inge K.

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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