January 1st, 2000

"It is unthinkable in what kind of a vicious circle we could have landed …"

Our son is 13 ½ years old and is right-handed.

About 10 days ago, I went into Mike's room to look for a bed sheet in his wardrobe. To my great surprise, something fell out and to the ground. It was a wallet, but not Mike's.

I opened the wallet and, among other things, I found an identification card of the elder brother of his class mate and friend Bodo. This elder brother also attends my son's school and is in the same class that my wife teaches.

Somewhat irritated and shocked, I carefully informed my wife of this situation and we decided to confront Mike this same day [emphasis added]

So, I disclosed my discovery to Mike and demanded an explanation.

He proceeded to tell me that he had completely forgotten about this matter and also did not know where he had hidden the wallet.

This must have happened months ago. Apparently, he had been to Bodo's house and had played a video game on his computer, one where one can win and lose. Every time Mike won, he got pushed around and kicked by the other two boys. Angered and disappointed, he started to make an exit but before he left the apartment, he saw a wallet lying on the stairs. Mike thought that it belonged to Bodo, and he took it to "get even" with him.

We made it perfectly clear that we insisted that he had to rectify this situation immediately, and certainly before the impending class trip that was two days away.

Mike wanted to "confess" the matter to Bodo's brother that same day, to describe to him what happened and how exactly this mix-up ever occurred. But such a discussion did not take place. Visibly shaken and not having had any opportunity to clarify the situation, he had to start on his 5-day class excursion.

After the trip, Mike had only one thing on his mind - to talk to Bodo's brother, and this time he was successful. Beaming he returned home and reported that Bodo' s brother had listened to him and had pardoned him and nobody would hear about this, neither Bodo himself nor his parents. (The financial atonement was not mentioned.)

Two days later, Mike sat at the breakfast table and was holding his head, complaining that he had pain in the neck and down his shoulder. He thought he had slept in a wrong position the night before, but we allowed him to go to school.

He appeared very tired when he came home from school early that afternoon, still with his head to one side. He withdrew to his room after supper and he stayed in his room, contrary to his habits to play cards with his friends. After an hour or so, I went to see him to ask how he was. To my surprise, he was lying on his bed, fast asleep. My wife and I were a little suspicious but we let him sleep.

Late in the evening, around 9:00 pm, Mike came into the kitchen, his head still crooked, and wanted to get something to eat. This he did with vim and vigor, despite his pain, and then he quietly disappeared again into his room. He slept all night.

The following morning, he was still sleeping soundly and my wife and I decided not to let him go to school.

Then, suddenly, I had a sneaking suspicion. I plunged once again into a certain subject in Dr. Hamer's book "Summary of the New Medicine".

Mike slept all day with only short interruptions. During one of these, I examined him a little closer and asked him some questions. What I found out was that Mike had a swelling on the right side of his neck. This was very painful, especially when touched. He was unable to straighten his head without pain and also complained about headaches above the forehead and on the side.

That evening, he was up and about again - the headaches were gone. I asked him whether he had managed to urinate the night before. Without hesitating he replied: "Every time when I woke up, I had to go to the toilet and it was copious every time, and yet, I didn't drink hardly anything at all!"

That finally confirmed my suspicion.

The next morning, Mike was very cheerful and also wanted to go to school again. His head was not quite as crooked and the pains had diminished a little. We let him go but only under the provision to come home should the discomfort become too much to bear. He returned home at the usual time.  

Because Mike had met Dr. Hamer personally during one of the GNM seminars, and had found Dr. Hamer "cool", we had often the opportunity to discuss with Mike the differences between therapeutic methods employed by conventional medicine and German New Medicine.

After lunch, I started a discussion with Mike...

Mike replied spontaneously to my question, when he had exactly gotten the DHS: "When you told me that you had found the wallet!"

"So, what scared you the most?" Mike: "I was afraid that I would lose my friendship with Bodo and that his parents would not want to see me any more. Besides that I was afraid that this would get around in school and that Mom would also get into trouble!"

"Would you know what to make of the word "frontal fear"?

Mike: "That's exactly how I felt, afraid of what could lie ahead of me, what could have confronted me!".

"How did you feel during the class excursion?"

Mike: "Every time when I started to feel passably well, I remembered ... and then I felt really bad, I was cold and could not sleep well."

"And when did that conflict get resolved?"

Mike: "When my disclosure to Bodo's brother finally happened!"

Four days after our discussion, the swelling and the pain were gone.

Conventional medicine calls this 'disease' a "centrocystic-centroblastic non-Hodgkin lymphoma" - and is erroneously labeled as a kind of lymph node carcinoma.

Since the discovery of German New Medicine, we know that we are dealing here with healing phase symptoms, following the resolution of a frontal fear conflict (with a right-hander). On the organ level, this affects the pharyngeal duct squamous epithelium and it swells during the healing phase.

Had I not known German New Medicine, I would probably have gone with Mike to a doctor ... (severe tiredness, swelling, pain in the neck and head).

It is unthinkable in what kind of a vicious circle we could have landed, if the doctor had confirmed the above-mentioned diagnosis...

Translated from the original German document

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