Dirk V.

November 6, 2008

"GNM testimonials are the best way to learn German New Medicine"

Hi Helmut,

GNM testimonials are the best way to learn German New Medicine. This is why I would like to contribute my own case.

It was in 1996. I was barely able to walk because of severe pain in both my knees. The pain was so bad that at times I even had to sit down. And this at the age of 26! Until then, I was physically very active. I played tennis and was doing aerobics up to six times a week.

The first physician I saw told me that I had almost no cartilage left in my knees and prescribed some pain killers, which didn't help at all. Then he injected cartilage into my knees and recommended that I take cartilage supplements. This didn't work either. In short, none of the doctors were able to do anything for me.  

The following year the pain disappeared without any treatment.

I've now been familiar with German New Medicine for three years. By using the Scientific Chart of GNM for reference, I was quickly able to identify the self-devaluation conflict or rather "physical performance conflict" that had affected my knees.

As I mentioned already, I played tennis, recreationally as well as competitively.

In 1995, I met my wife and I was no longer interested in tennis. Consequently I lost every game, whether it was a single or a double. It was embarrassing. However, my team mates insisted on keeping me on for the remainder of the season, but I continued to lose all the games, until I finally gave it up.  What was even more embarrassing was that because I had been losing so badly, I had lost my ranking. Now that I think of it, before my losing streak nobody actually dared to play against me. Now, the young players that I previously would have had "for breakfast" were suddenly qualifying to play against me.

My wife and my parents attended all my matches. This proves the point of a "mother/child or partner conflict" (the latter also includes my teammates who had such high expectations of me) and why both my knees were affected.

A few months after I had given up tennis, the pain in my knees started. At that time I was wondering why I was in pain now that I had stopped playing. With GNM we know that with a bone and cartilage SBS, the pain occurs in the healing phase.  

I consider myself lucky that I had such a mild case of a "self-devaluation conflict" and that it only manifested itself in this way. Had it been more severe, I could have ended up with a bone cancer diagnosis and an amputation of my legs! And all that just because of losing tennis matches.


Thank you, Helmut, for all your work and, most of all, thank you Geerd.


Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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