Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

December 27, 2006

An Example of GNM in Practice

Dear Friends!

The past two days, a wonderful "GNM Therapy Case" was taking place.

It concerns Mr. G., who was diagnosed with a "malignant mouth cancer". They wanted to cut off half of his face, although he was already far into the healing phase. Now he is well again, because he did not follow this crazy therapy-mania, or maybe we should call it pseudo-therapy-madness.

Is it really possible that one can still get completely healthy without an operation, without any medication, and even without globuli and high potency drugs, and even if, according to conventional medicine, a person has been told to have no chance of survival at all?

As you see – it is possible!

However, yesterday, I received a call from Mr. G. Terribly agitated, he said: "Doctor, I am finished. Since yesterday, I am hardly able to urinate. In the past few days, it got less and less. Even my wife, an emergency nurse, is at her wits end. I have terrible headaches; I feel that my head is about to explode."

I asked: "What exactly happened immediately before you started having less urine elimination?"

He said: "Until a week ago, everything was normal. Then, suddenly, I started to urinate less and less. A doctor advised me to drink a lot in order to flush my kidneys. Since then, the pressure and pain in my head is getting worse and worse and exactly there where you would find the fontanelle (soft spot) on a nursling."

I asked: "And what kind of existence conflict happened a week ago?"

He hesitated at the other end of the line and then ventured to say: "The lawyer of one of my former clients threatened to sue me in court. Do you really think that this might be the cause?"

I said: "And what is the amount of the claim?"

He said: "16,000 Euro."

I said: "And of course you don't have that much?"

He said: "No, my lawyer assured me that I have a decent chance to win, but one never knows..."

I pondered this for a while and then said: "Mr. G., let's hatch a plan. Does anyone in your family have any ready money?"

He replied: "Yes, my grandmother."

I said: "You mean that your grandma could transfer 8,000 Euro to your account today?"

He questioned: "Why exactly 8,000 Euro? I think she would possibly come across."

I said: "So, half is 8,000 - that brings it down to something more realistic and is also more manageable. Besides, you can always return the money to your grandma when you don't lose the case. But this should happen right away."

He replied: "Are you certain that after that I can urinate again, and don't have to undergo dialysis, etc.?"

I assured him: "Yes, I am absolutely certain".

He said: "Then I will gently ask her. And you don't doubt that I will be able to pee again?"

I assured him: "I am absolutely sure".

Today, he called around 3:00 pm and said: "Doctor, following my request, my grandma immediately transferred 8,000 Euro. The money is already in my account. I just received the notice. What happens next?"

I replied: "Congratulations! From now on, you will have no trouble peeing."

He asked: "And what do I have to do to make that happen?"

I advised: "Sit back in an armchair and stop worrying about a thing."

Three and a half hours later he called back and exclaimed excitedly: "Doctor, in the past 3 ½ hours I have eliminated 1 ½ liters of urine - and I got to go again! By midnight tonight, I will have eliminated more than 2 liters."

I said: "Yes, that's how it should be. Now we can forget the dialysis."

He questioned: "Doctor, tell me - how did you know that?"

I said: "Well, I only calculated a bit and formulated a little therapy plan that included your emotions - nothing more."

He said: "Doctor, German New Medicine has saved my life, and I have seen in all these months just how exact it is and have come to admire it. But from this day on, I love GNM. I have completely lost all fear. Today's lesson was absolutely convincing."

I said: "And there are still some people out there who claim that German New Medicine has no therapy! Can you think of a better therapy?"

He closed by saying: "You are so right - there is nothing better. But tell me, Doctor, who, besides you, knows this wonderful GNM therapy?"

And I said: "I hope that soon many physicians will."

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Translated from the original German document

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