Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Seven years ago, we gave away two male dogs that came from our boxer litter. One of them, named Rainer, was given to a then 9-year old boy in Spain in our immediate neighborhood. From the very beginning, Pablo and Rainer were best buddies, and naturally, Rainer was allowed to sleep at the foot of Pablo's bed.
In the past two years, Pablo went to England for three weeks, each. Rainer had to stay at home and suffered as only a boxer can. The first time, he developed alopecia (hair loss) on the left side of his forehead (he is left-pawed) exactly at the spot where he used to touch Pablo, when he said good-bye. The second time, he suffered a motor paralysis of his left hind-leg, because he could not come along.
This year, when Pablo went to England for six weeks, the matter was even more serious because Rainer had hurt both of his eyes very badly when he plunged through a thorny hedge.

A week after Pablo left, the parents also wanted to take a week's vacation. Rainer, who was given to us to take care of, was hardly recognizable. He was disoriented (indicating a Kidney Collecting Tubules Constellation), urinated hardly at all (oliguria), was dazed, and could walk only with difficulty. The left eye was blind and severely swollen; the right was "only" badly swollen. On top if it, he had retained 5 kg of water as a result of feeling terribly left alone. It was a dreadful sight.

Our friends were totally desperate. I calmed them down and said that we have to understand Rainer's condition from a biological point of view, and what's more, that I had a "secret remedy", namely Rainer's mother Mouse ("Mouse", because as a very young boxer puppy she looked like a fat white mouse).
As soon as Rainer was reunited with his mother Mouse and with father Rolf and brother Rocky - and although they had not seen each other for at least 4 years – Rainer's condition instantly started to normalize. He passed great amounts of urine. Affectionately, Mother Mouse kept looking after him.
A week later, our friends came to fetch their boxer dog. But the next morning they called us again, in desperation: Rainer could not pee at all, refused to eat, didn't poop, was completely disoriented, and was staggering, bumping his head into everything. Both eyes were swollen shut. In conventional medicine the diagnosis would be: acute kidney failure or uremia. A dog in such a condition is usually put down. A patient would be connected to a dialysis machine, which, without a doubt, reinforces the existence conflict.

I advised our friends to take Rainer back to his mother's care at once. And, voilà, after being with his mother Mouse for only an hour, he could already eliminate 1/2 liter of urine. Then he urinated 7 more liters and was, aside from his eyes or better despite his eyes, just about completely normal.
Rainer stayed with his mother until Pablo returned and then, just to make sure, mother Mouse stayed with Rainer at Pablo's parent's house to tide him over.

In conventional medicine it is inconceivable that a mother – simply through her presence - can cure a kidney failure. On the contrary, taking a patient to a hospital with all those 'scary machines' and an often soulless atmosphere only increases the existence and abandonment conflict. In German New Medicine, it is one of the most important rules to keep the patient free of fear and panic and give him/her a sense of safety and protection, because without an existence conflict complications of the healing phase can be avoided.

Whether we find - from the viewpoint of our modern civilization - these biological processes useful or not, what matters is that Nature's Biological Special Programs, including the "Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome", have stood the test for millions of years. The notion that these biological programs need to be "changed" ("de-programmed") fails to understand the nature of creation. On the contrary, in order to prevent so-called "lifestyle diseases" we rather have to re-learn to live according to our innate biology.

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Translated from the original German document

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