July 27, 1995

"My lucky escape from Oncology"

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I had a Kidney Tumor (one that never caused me any problems and was only discovered by accident).

On March 28th, 1992, the day before the operation was scheduled, my husband and I saw Dr. Hamer in Cologne.

According to Dr. Hamer, the kidney tumor was a resolved water conflict - triggered by a stillbirth with amniotic fluid in the lungs. During the last three months of the next pregnancy, I didn't gain any weight and lay awake for three hours at night. After I gave birth to a healthy daughter, on March 6th, 1991, I did nothing but sleep.

According to a nurse, who I know well, after March 29th, 1992, the clinic doctors gave me only half a year to live. The attestation of the head physician is shown below.

On July 27, 1995!

I am still alive!

The tumor has not grown! I feel perfectly fine!

Letter by Head Physician - (Better strap yourself in! This is a typical fear-mongering letter!)

Clinic Augsburg
Urological Clinic
Prof. Dr. Rolf Harzmann


To: Mrs. X

Copy to two independent physicians

Dear Mrs. X,

Several physicians suspect that you might have a malignant kidney tumor. On xx.03.1992, you came to the Urological Clinic with the intent to have yourself adequately treated. The operation was scheduled for xx.03.1992.  

As I have been told, during the intervening weekend, you attended a certain event where you informed yourself regarding the subject of kidney cancer and its treatment. The result of this was that you decided to cancel the planned operation.

I am not writing to you to put you under any pressure, but because I feel obliged to inform you once again about the dangers that arise from Dr. Hamer's advice. Since you are a mother of four children and still very young for this type of tumor, I feel that it is my duty to point out the risks of your presently chosen route.

I know Dr. Hamer from my time in Tübingen. I am also familiar with his publications, at least partly. Based on my professional medical knowledge, I have to tell you that Dr. Hamer is giving you irresponsible advice, the consequence of which is that the only effective treatment is being denied to you.

There is really only one real cure for a malignant kidney tumor, which is to completely remove the tumor. Should this cancer metastasize over time, then there is no other treatment option, because radiation and chemo would be completely ineffective. This is why, if one wants to have a real chance of surviving, one has to do the one thing that has proven itself a hundred thousand times over, namely to surgically remove such a malignant tumor. In your case, we are in the favorable position that there is no evidence yet of any metastases.

Even if you have been told differently, it is still a fact that a malignant kidney tumor is frequently capable of producing metastases that affect not only the lymph nodes near the kidneys but also the bones and lungs. If you have been told otherwise, by whomever, then all this is sheer ignorance and it is certainly irresponsible to take this lack of knowledge as gospel.

Because you are responsible for quite a large family, you should reconsider your present and undoubtedly erroneous decision. You don't have to come to the urology clinic of Augsburg, but it is important that you get effective and adequate treatment. To hope the tumor would remain dormant is irresponsible towards yourself and others.

I am available at any time for detailed discussions regarding this subject, including the assertions by Dr. Hamer.

I hope that, despite the doubts that were created in you by others, you will have the strength to find the only right solution for yourself.

With my best wishes, and hoping that you are able to evaluate this letter in the proper light.

I remain,

Signature of physician.

PS: If you so desire, I can refer you to other urology clinics where you can pursue this subject or can get treatment.

© Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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