January 1, 2000

"A brain CT tells the story!"

It all started when I was about 13 years old. My mother, who basically meant well, wanted me to finish secondary school at all costs so that I could continue my schooling at high-school. That didn't sit at all right with me, however, because my most ardent desire was to learn a trade.

I still remember it as though it was yesterday. She started to weep and practically begged me to continue my academic schooling. I finally gave in, but at the cost of suffering a self-devaluation conflict – that is to say, a dexterity conflict in relation to my hands. Why? Because I knew that by attending high-school, I would no longer be able to practice my then-favorite sport of Karate. The thought of neither being able to learn a trade, nor to practice Karate was a severe blow for me.

But, by deciding to try and come to terms with the idea because it meant so much to my mother, I was soon able to resolve my self-devaluation conflict. A simultaneous refugee conflict became active instead, however, because the new school was a boarding school, and I mentally resisted going there so much in the beginning that it practically acquired a phobia.

Because of the combination of a resolved self-devaluation conflict and the active refugee conflict - I got gout at the age of 13! This manifested itself in swollen finger-joints, particularly in those of the right hand, which were also stiff and painful. In those days, there was no understanding of or explanation for gout in a person of so very young an age.

Fortunately, we didn't go to doctors in those days. Otherwise, they would probably have diagnosed leukemia! But, when Dr. Hamer saw my CT scan, his first question was, "What happened to you when you were a child? What was it that you were not allowed to do, or not allowed to do anymore?"

The secret does not remain a secret very long, when such a precise question is asked - 25 years later!

Translated from the original German document

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