Micha, Germany

July 6, 2006

"It is awesome to observe the Biological Laws in action"

On the 21st of September, 2005, in my hometown, a construction project finally got rolling. It had already been in the planning stages for a long time. A main beltway was completely blocked for traffic because two bridges were supposed to be rebuilt until October 2006. Because of this blockage, there are now considerable changes in the traffic pattern. To facilitate normal traffic and to reduce overload on feeder routes, several streets were turned into one-way streets.

That day, in the afternoon, I drove to the old part of town, still following the usual traffic situation that I had been used to for many years.

On the 22nd of September, I was on a night shift. As usual, around 05:45, another colleague replaced me and I started by drive home. A couple of days earlier, a part of my homebound travel route had been modified by the one-way system imposed by the construction and I was prepared for this. (Besides, the traffic changes had been publicized in the local newspapers weeks in advance).

So, I drove off, around 06:00 on the 23rd of September, following my usual route home. It was still dark and dawn arrived only hesitatingly.

One of the two-way streets that I had to take is about 600 meters long, describing an almost half left circle so that the open road was visible only for about 40 meters. Following the directives of the advance directional sign and according to the new traffic directives (now a one-way street), I now slid into the left lane. Next to me, in the right lane, I noticed another car that had caught up to me.

As I mentioned, I had just finished the night shift that was especially stressful to boot. That is why I was somewhat tired and had no other desire than to fall into my bed.

Suddenly, about 100 meters farther, a pair of headlights appeared out of nowhere in my lane. The beams of light really struck me like a pair of photoflashes. Despite my tiredness and total surprise, I instinctively steered to the right, knowing fully that I might ram the car on my right.

The approaching car missed me by only a few centimeters and even the collision with the car next to mine on the right did not happen. Fortunately, the driver was able to see the wrong-way driver a fraction of a second earlier than I and was able to initiate a panic braking maneuver.

So, the accident that possibly could have had far-reaching consequences did not occur, however, the shock catapulted me out of my tiredness and was wide awake.

The oncoming driver continued on his way, seemingly undisturbed and I thought to have noticed him giving me the finger when he passed. So, it looked like he was not even aware of his mistake!

After I made sure that the other involved driver was OK, I drove home, in jitters. Not to worry my wife and daughter, I did not tell them anything concerning this event. It took a long time for me to fall asleep.

That weekend, I had to do night shift service and noticed that I slept worse than ever.

On Sunday, two days later, my parents with in-laws in tow came for a visit. It was my father's birthday. During coffee time, the subject turned to the traffic re-routing and to rowdies on the road. That's the first time I spoke about my close encounter.

During the night from Sunday to Monday, the coughing [healing phase] began. On the 26th of September, in the afternoon, I happened to have an appointment with a therapist friend who has been involved with German New Medicine for the past two years. I visited him because I wanted to know more about his work.

That s when he noticed my coughing and wanted to know how long this had persisted and whether I have found myself in a stress situation that had caused me to feel gasping for air. At the moment, nothing came to mind.  

He continued: "It must be a territorial fear conflict".

Territorial fear conflict? I thought of my work place and explained my fear that derived from that.
"No, that's not it. If you have been confronted with this for years already and the situation has only slowly grown worse, then it can be excluded from consideration. If your boss had told you this very suddenly, well then, maybe." he replied.

I kept on thinking what the linchpin could be.  

What is important in this case is what I consider as my territory.

The first thing that came to mind is my home, then the residential surroundings, places that I visit regularly. The conflict involves a deep-felt scare or threat within that domain.

I pondered the challenge but did not come to any conclusion.

Almost in passing, I mentioned my close encounter of Friday morning and told him the details. The therapist interrupted me and said: "That's it!"

"Daahh - beg your pardon?" I asked.

"You considered that street, and that left lane as your territory." he replied. "That driver threatened to encroach on your territory. At least that's how you perceived this situation and that's when you got your DHS."

I was simply flabbergasted. It was clear - that was it! And the conflict resolution was for me the coffee party on Sunday, when I told everybody everything in detail and when I also noticed that I was reacting quite strongly with my body.

In closing, I'd like to say that my coughing got even more severe in the next few days. For a couple of days I even had pneumonia. Three days later, the cough was gone.

It is awesome to observe the Biological Laws in action.



Translated from the original German document

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