October 7, 2010

"… only when I had given the shoes away …"

I had bought a pair of beautiful old used shoes at the Flea Market. When I got home, my husband said. "Man, what kind of shoes are those! They look like they've been worn by a fungus-infected old Granny." This remark hit me entirely unexpected*

The next day, I was wearing the shoes the whole day; by the evening, itching and burning symptoms had already begun to manifest. I knew what the problem was, so I left the shoes in the closet.

The athlete's foot was quite severe and lasted for over two weeks. Out of curiosity, and to test the situation, I decided to go to a dermatologist. In the waiting-room, I scratched my foot to a point that the skin became fire-red. When the doctor took a look at my foot he declared that I needed to be on Penicillin, since an enormous inflammation was announcing itself beside the fungus infection.

I insisted on a specimen to be sent for a lab-test and said that only then would I consider that kind of therapy. That was done, but the doctor said that the antibiotics should be taken immediately just in case, since I was in "serious danger". - He knew nothing of my wild scratching in the waiting-room, of course - the result of which later disappeared by itself.

In the end, I took no drugs. After waiting for ten days, the lab-results were Fungus-NEGATIVE.

I wasn't sure at the time just why the healing phase had lasted so long, since I had only worn the shoes for that one day. I did know it, however, on a subconscious level, I had seen the beautiful shoes every day in the closet, and had wanted to put them on, but had thought constantly of the "fungus-infected granny".

Only when I had given the shoes away and did no longer see them did the athlete's foot heal completely - within the space of a week.  

GNM Explanation: The biological conflict linked to Athlete's foot is a "feeling soiled"-conflict.

Translated from the original German document

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