H. J. H.

December 12, 2008

"I have not yet had any more diarrhea from milk!"

I am 49 years old, married and have two grown-up children.

Until four weeks ago, I was "lactose intolerant". I had used lactose-free milk or cream as often as possible. Now and again, I tried to use normal or chocolate-milk. But, the results were always the same - within 5-10 minutes I would get violent diarrhea [linked to an "indigestible anger conflict"]. The same happened with instant sauces that had milk-powder in them. If my wife and I went out for dinner, a trip to the bathroom within 10 minutes had to be calculated into the plan.

I heard about German New Medicine about five months ago and have since read just about everything I could lay my hands on regarding the topic of GNM.

Now I was able to put two-and-two together.

At the age of 6, I was separated from my parents for the very first time. After an illness, I was sent to a "convalescent home", as was common practice at that time. Imagine how it must have felt for a six year old to be expedited willy-nilly by train to a town 600 km away for an eternity of four weeks. Off went the train and I was on it - with only a total stranger accompanying me!

The first two weeks were absolute hell, as I was also forced to drink milk for the very first time, ever. I struggled mightily against it, and always tried to refuse it, but without success.

The milk-track had been laid.

Then I also remembered that right after I had been told that I will be sent to a convalescent home (the abrupt separation from my parents), we had gone on a holiday in the Alps where cows were right in front of my eyes every day. Being forced to drink milk at the "Home" had only reinforced the milk-track. When these memories came up, I knew that this was the cause of my "lactose intolerance".

I immediately went to the refrigerator and took out a normal carton of milk, gulped down a whole glass in two seconds flat, and waited. Nothing happened! I drank a second glass and a third and waited for a reaction, but none came. Then my wife and I went swimming for about an hour and still nothing happened. But, because I wanted to make absolutely sure, I then went to buy two quarts of chocolate milk. Back home, I drank the two litres over the next two days at different times - sometimes before dinner, sometimes after - and still nothing happened. Up to the present day (12.12.2008), I have never again had any further diarrhea from milk!

Thank you Dr. Hamer!



GNM Explanation: Diarrhea occurs in the healing phase of an “indigestible morsel”-conflict, involving the small intestines (constipation belongs to the conflict-active phase). Although the distress seemed to have been the “separation” from the parents, the healing symptoms (diarrhea) reveal that the six year old experienced – at the time - the conflict situation biologically as an “indigestible morsel conflict” and not as a “separation conflict” (the healing symptoms of a “separation conflict” would have been a skin rash). Biological conflicts differ from solely psychological distress inasmuch as they involve the entire organism (psyche, brain, correlating organ) and that they are relevant to all species. While animals suffer these conflicts in real terms, we humans experience them also in a transposed sense; in our example, having to leave the parents was biologically “indigestible”. A conflict is only completely resolved when there are no longer any “tracks” – when the situation that triggered the conflict has become irrelevant. At the time, our friend was 6 years old and a child. Today he is 49 years old and the father of two grown-up children. What happened to him back then can no longer happen to him now. With that recognition, the conflict of long ago becomes insignificant. By understanding the causal biological correlations between the psyche and the correlating organ, 43 years of suffering from diarrhea simply evaporated into thin air.

Translated from the original German document

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