Silvia Herzig, Germany

February 1, 2004

"I am exceedingly happy to know GNM"


It is through my sister-in-law Martina Kloiber, who participated in your GNM seminar in Pocking (Germany), that I heard for the first time about Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine. Since then, this subject has excited me a great deal. It is an incredible discovery!!!

At first, I was irritated when Martina told me about this. But since she described to me in a very trustworthy, serious and "plausible" manner what "German New Medicine" is, I agreed to an 'experiment', meaning a diagnosis according to GNM. In short, I 'buried myself' in your GNM website, studied the material in one quick hurry… and I began to understand how my body functions…

I will describe briefly my disease history:

In September 2003, during a 'cancer prevention check-up', a lump was discovered in my right breast. My doctor scheduled for me, in two days time, an appointment for a mammogram and he told me that I should quickly proceed with an examination (this took place the same day when I talked to Martina about German New Medicine). The mammogram confirmed: breast cancer!!! At first I didn't want to believe it. That very same day they wanted to do a biopsy to find out whether the tumor was benign or malignant. I declined the biopsy because I wanted to proceed with German New Medicine. It was not easy to free myself from the 'claws' of medical the profession, but I succeeded.

Now I started my 'own' therapy. First, I had to identify my conflict…

  • I am right-handed
  • The lump is in my right breast
  • I don't take any medication (not even the pill)
  • I have warm hands
  • I am not in menopause (age, 42 years)
That means that I had to look for a "partner conflict", but first I couldn't think of any. My relationship was going well and at work everything was also okay at this time. Where should I start looking? And what should I search for?

I screened my life from top to bottom, and then I suddenly found it. My diary helped me realize that in the past I did have problems with my partner, but in reality not WITH but BECAUSE of him.

My partner and I both work in the same branch of a bank, separated by several rooms. One day, a new colleague arrived on the scene, and "she" is a very "pretty blonde"! From a professional point of view she is a real ace and for our department a genuine benefit. At first, all went well. But then there were the "awesome" seminars in which my partner and that blonde had to attend. At that time I was on stand-by duty at the office so I wasn't able to attend the seminars with my partner. But when he returned from the seminars he exuberantly described how terrific everything had been. I did not know just what he meant by "terrific". As time went on, I developed a dislike against the other woman. I did not know why - in fact, I really had no reason to be suspicious. But I had that strange feeling.

I knew I had to somehow see clarity in this situation. Despite the fact that I trusted my partner, I thought that maybe he was not capable to resist the charm of that woman. I talked with him about the situation several times and made him understand that I was afraid of losing him [her separation conflict]. But he always put me at ease and reassured me that all was well. The blonde never found out about my fears. All this persisted for five months and then: SHE moved on and she was gone! She was transferred to another city and told us at the farewell party that soon she would get marry. This took a heavy load off my mind and I was super happy.

The conflict was resolved and now I recognize my track.

In earlier years, I was dumped by my former boy friend BECAUSE of a blonde woman. I suspect that since then, I always experience a conflict with or because of blonde women.

Back to the history of my disease:

I was conflict active for 5 months (the "other woman" was with us from Jan. 2003 to mid Aug. 2003)

In Sept. 2003, I received the diagnosis of breast cancer (according to conventional medicine)
In Sept. 2003, I learned about German New Medicine
In Jan. 2004, I had another checkup for my breast cancer. The result: no cancer!!!

Mr. Pilhar, I am by nature a skeptic. But I have experienced for myself that German New Medicine does not deserve skepticism - only respect and high esteem!

I hope that with your presentations you will be able to open the eyes of many people in this world and make German New Medicine so clear for them that they can escape the insanity of conventional medicine.

I am exceedingly happy to know GNM.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Silvia Herzig.

PS: What would have happened with my body if I had consented to submit to traditional medicine!? I can only say one thing: Long live German New Medicine!!!

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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