L. Sch.

October 9th, 2006

"He is not going to die!"

Dear Mr. Pilhar:

First of all - many thanks for your e-mails that you continue to send me on the subject of Dr. Hamer. For years, I have immersed myself in his discoveries. In my life, I have had much to do with sick people, with hospitals and with doctors. Over the years, I have watched how severely ill people could not be helped and how they die a miserable death. I have qualifications with which I can help people to alleviate their emotional blockages.

This year, I was asked by a circle of therapists to do a presentation regarding the work of Dr. Hamer. In May, I ended up in a hospital myself, for 4 days. On the 12th of May, I left the hospital and on the 13th, I gave that 2 1/2 hour lecture.

Everyone was extremely interested and convinced by the subject matter.

I stated the above only to explain the "why" of what follows next.

At the beginning of this year, I suddenly heard that a dear acquaintance of mine (to my regret he has moved away from where I live) was supposed to undergo a "brain operation". The diagnosis was: "You have only three months to live. Arrange your life and give yourself a few more happy days".

But I only heard about this matter in April. Two oncologists had visited him at home and had insisted that he get radiation treatment. That's the moment when I arrived on the scene.

I wasted no time to drive to him. The mood around the house was so bleak that one could say that the only thing that was missing was that everybody would dress in black. The "brain tumor" was frontally located, just above the beginning of the hairline, above the nose.

The first thing he wanted to know was whether the radiation treatment could result in any benefit. So, I took the trouble to give him an overview of Dr. Hamer's main teachings.

After talking with him for three hours, I left him. We had managed to determine what his conflict was. We agreed to meet weekly in order to work on the complete resolution of his conflict.

We met a couple of times. After the second time, his wife called me and asked what I had done with her husband. According to her, he was sitting in his garden, whistling a tune, busy planting his flowers. The whole family was in an uproar. Everyone was only thinking of who would be able to attend his funeral and who was not, because of the impending summer holidays.

I was the only one who maintained: "He is not going to die!"

When it was summer, I asked him: "When you go for your checkup, what exactly do they do with you at the hospital?"

His reply: "In actual fact - nothing. They only ask me how I feel and then I can take off again."

I advised him to go and have a brain scan done and said: "At least they will then know what you are talking about and you will know where you are at."

The CT scan was done last week.

What was the result?

The whole department was puzzled, because there was nothing to see at the "accident scene"!

"Well, what do we have here!" the radiologist said. "All of a sudden you have many more years to live. What a coincidence!"

"But", so the radiologist added, "the tumor can start growing again tomorrow. Don't be so sure of yourself." I was able to help him to get over that 'hangover' as well.

Slowly he began to realize, that there is, after all, some truth to Dr. Hamer discoveries.  

Isn't this fantastic?

What I don't understand is that my friend had no other bodily symptoms, no 'diseased' organs - just this glia accumulation in the brain. If there is an explanation for this, I would be very pleased to hear it.

With my best wishes,


L. Sch.

GNM Explanation: According to Dr. Hamer, the symptoms on the correlating organ might not be noticed, particularly if there is no water retention.

Translated from the original German document

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