Monika A.

November 11, 2008

"The next day, the pain was gone"

I would like to share with you an interesting experience I had with my hip about 2 years ago.
At the time, I had already been studying GNM for about 4 years in the form of seminars, study-groups, sharing stories and testimonials, a lot of reading, and my own observations.
I worked at an office, where we were planning a special shipment of lots of heavy brochures, in a few weeks. The brochures had just been stacked into several bundles by me, when I began to realize, for the first time, just how strenuous and heavy a chore would be awaiting me, when the time came to carry them all to the post-office.
I don't know exactly just when the DHS actually occurred, as it was not a big conflict with which I was preoccupied day and night. But, for about 6 weeks, I had been worrying about it intensely from time to time - the scary fact that it was I who would have to be lugging these extremely HEAVY boxes all that long way to the post-office. No, I wasn't at all looking forward to the planned day of that mailing.
On the day BEFORE this chore, I suddenly became aware of what intense thoughts I had been having in the last few weeks, in regard to this work!
I was by then pretty sure that I was conflict-active and would therefore shortly be having some sort of reaction on the organ level; just which body part would be involved I didn't know.
So, I tried to calm down by saying to myself that the whole thing wasn't all that bad, and that I had already survived many more unpleasant things and, besides, one didn't have to carry a full box but just had to go a little more often with half a box ….
Such was my self-soothing talk, and by doing it I had actually managed to resolve the conflict! Because, on that very same afternoon I started to get terrible pains in my hips - so much so, that I had to wiggle back and forth in my office chair to find the most comfortable position possible to relieve my acute stabs of pain. 
It seemed that in the last few weeks I had actually reacted with an "I can't manage"-conflict of the hip. Naturally, I found it very interesting that the pain occurred at a time, when I had not yet carried even a single envelope!
That evening, after office hours, I was careful not to have any more stress or do any personal chores, but rather to go home, lie down and relax. The next day, the pain was gone and it neither re-occurred while lugging the heavy parcels the next day, nor after the job was done!
The pains had, in effect, only been felt on the afternoon and evening of the day previous to the planned mailing! Upon consideration, I think that this period was so short, because the conflict hadn't been all that dramatically strong to begin with - and, because I did not get all that stressed out by the symptoms that were obviously happening in the vagotonic phase and were therefore only going to be temporary.
If I had not known of GNM and the hip pains had only started in the conflict-resolution phase, they would most likely have been explained away as a result of the heavy lugging I had been doing.
Monika A. 

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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