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December 8th, 2008

"Most of all, there is no more fear …"

Hello Mr. Pilhar!
Mid 2003, I heard about German New Medicine (GNM) for the first time through friends (my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and sadly, passed away in 2004 – we learned about GNM too late to help her effectively).
Since that time I delved into GNM intensively and find these testimonials help me tremendously in my understanding. I have read all the books and attended your presentations many times. I learned to observe the processes in my body and to analyze them according to Dr. Hamer's Five Biological Laws. Here is an event, that happened to me only five weeks ago:
I had a car accident on the freeway, which was not my fault.
In the very early morning hours - it was still dark - I saw far in the distance, that the brake lights of the cars were coming on. We were traveling in three lanes and I was in the center lane. Upon recognizing the situation, I initiated a 'panic' stop (I also used the emergency brake) in order to give myself enough room to come to a complete stop behind the vehicle in front of me. I was successful and actually seemed to have plenty of room when I stopped, however the vehicle behind me did not manage as well and despite my keeping my foot on the brakes, I was propelled into the vehicle in front of me. There were numerous other crashes behind me, but nobody was noticeably injured, except the vehicles were severely damaged.
I was glad to have come out of this mishap unscathed. The company vehicle was insured and I was well all week, did not suffer whiplash and I saw no need to report to a doctor. I considered myself lucky.
However, 6 or 7 days after the accident I experienced more and more pain in my right hip and my right leg. I had not overexerted myself nor could I think of any reason for these pains, which I have never before had to this degree! It was getting worse and worse. I couldn't sleep anymore because I did not find a comfortable position for my aching leg – the pain was there all the time; I was able to move relatively well, however I favored the right leg and was limping and had to walk very slowly. This continued for another 7 days without let-up.
Meanwhile I continually thought about what might have been the cause and then it hit me – I was suffering from a self-devaluation conflict! The accident was a classical conflict shock! All criteria were met – it was sudden and unexpected, I was alone in my car, and it was highly dramatic! I could not manage [hip-related conflict] to prevent damage to my car, even though I tried so hard to react quickly and with circumspection. I was pushing hard on the brake pedal, because I wanted to prevent being pushed into the vehicle in front of me (as one is deemed to be at fault, when one rams the vehicle ahead).
I just did not succeed – I failed!
Now it dawned on me, what was happening and I started to view my pain from a new perspective and I smiled to myself. The people around me insisted that I should see a doctor. But I knew that the pain would go away on its own in a few more days.
On the eighth day I already noticed some improvement, although my other side started to have pains because of favoring the 'bad side'. Finally it improved steadily from day to day and I slept better too. About fourteen days after the onset of the pain, I was pain free.
All of this was for me a valuable lesson that showed how accurate the Biological Laws are and how easily one can bear the pain, when it all makes sense.
Most of all, there is no more fear and one is assured by the absolutely predictable course of events. I didn't even need pain medication or to visit a doctor, even though I had never before experienced such bone pain! I knew also, that the pain would not last very long because the conflict had been 'resolved' in a relatively short time.
Mr. Pilhar, please feel free to publish this testimonial in order to show others how the knowledge of GNM and the predictability of the Laws of Nature help the healing process.
Cheers and many thanks to you and to Dr. Hamer.
With best wishes,

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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