by a mother of a young patient

May 22, 2006
"My Experience with German New Medicine"

Diagnosis: "According to X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), indistinct tumor - but clear swelling of the humeral shaft."

After having received the above diagnosis, we, the parents, consistently followed the path of German New Medicine (GNM) and proceeded in accordance with the scientific findings of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.

Our story is as follows:
In January 2003, our 16-year-old daughter suffered a spontaneous fracture of her left upper arm (humerus).  A "middle child", she wanted to assert herself with her younger, strong-willed sister by showing her just how strong she was, at that moment. The two had been so determined to measuring their respective strengths that (as she later admitted), she had been prepared to go beyond her strength, regardless of the consequences!
Two years earlier, we had gone through a serious family crisis because of a move, and as a consequence our eldest daughter had experienced a severe and lengthy illness – a "psychosis" in terms of conventional medicine; a self-devaluation conflict combined with an existence conflict, according to German New Medicine.
Our eldest daughter, who had been - until then - the "leading force" of the three sisters, suddenly became unavailable for the other two. This was a real shock for everybody. The second-eldest daughter, of whom we are speaking here, must have suffered a self-devaluation conflict at that time. The eldest had resolved the conflict by the Spring of 2001, and I assume that my second daughter had resolved her conflict when she decided to put all that emotional pressure behind her. She, who had always been the "good" girl, and had done what others expected of her in school and elsewhere (she was a top student), now wanted to "break away". By testing her strength she "broke" her upper arm.  
The correlation between these two events only became clear to us later on. For now, because we had known about German New Medicine for quite some time and had never really been convinced of the efficacy of standard medicine to begin with, I wanted to spare my daughter a doctor's visit. I decided merely to stabilize the arm myself, with a triangular bandage.
Through my own observations, as well as through the disease process described by Dr. Hamer (essentially the whole system that he had brought into medicine), we have, over the years, come to the following conviction. By adopting a new and positive attitude, i.e. a conflict resolution, the body will adapt after a certain period of time and will find itself in the same old "reliable" condition as before.  
After the arm had been stabilized for a week, our daughter wanted to know, however, what the precise status of her upper arm was. Her school buddies had insisted on that, too, because our non-medical procedure had been so incomprehensible to them.
She was also concerned about having to justify herself to the P.E. teacher and would no doubt have to produce some sort of attestation from the doctor, which she did not have. Therefore, we decided to go to a general practitioner who, in turn, referred us to a radiologist.
Aside from showing a "relatively large defect" of the bone, the X-ray was inconclusive. It was at this point that the doctors tried to stampede us into a panic mode. According to them, "an X-ray was unsuitable for obtaining a clear enough picture of what was going on, and it was therefore absolutely necessary to examine the arm by means of an MRI, as such a case should not be taken lightly". So, we felt obliged to consent to the MRI.
The MRI provided the following findings:
"Largely homogeneous soft tissue foci in the middle part of the humeral third (T2-W) reaching button-hole-like into the perihumeral soft tissue. According to MRI criteria, the corticalis is disconnected. Adjoining edema in the humeral bone marrow area. After a KM-regimen, the tumor appears in T1-W as an irregular, wide, pseudo-capsule with a slight inflammation of the surrounding soft tissue …
Evaluation: As per MRI, a predominantly cyst-like, cystic or mucoid tumor in the middle part of the humeral third.
The evaluation of the findings cannot discount the X-ray criteria, i.e. the swelling of the humeral shaft with thinning of the corticalis, cortical lamination and - as evidenced by the MRI rather than the x-ray - signs of cortical arrosion.
The present diagnosis, "aneurismatic bone cyst" cannot be confirmed with certainty with the basic criteria. What is missing are MRI indicator differences that might point to multiple hemorrhages, as well as sufficiently accurate signs of an intact corticalis."
Even with the help of an MRI, standard medicine could not clarify what exactly was going on with the arm. An organ CT was to follow. With steadily increasing anxiety, I started to become more and more panicky. I was well aware of what was happening here. The medical apparatus had to be utilized to its optimal extent. That's why we were sent from one diagnostic machine to the next without the medical "gods" being able to make up their minds about the results.
The evaluation of the organ CT scan said:
"... The evident lifting of the periosteum with partial destruction of the corticalis, do not allow a sound opinion regarding the tumor evaluation even though its location and the age of the patient suggest an atypical bone cyst. In addition, the somewhat indistinct contrast shown on the X-ray, is at the very least not typical for an uncomplicated cystic formation.
Therefore, I urgently advise you to present yourself to a specialized bone centre, such as the one in Augsburg (Prof. Bohndorf). Even if this should turn out to be a benign process, the question nevertheless arises whether certain bone stabilization procedures would not be indicated for this relatively large bone defect".
This last evaluation was given to me by the radiologist, who told me that he had already forwarded all pertinent documents to Professor Bohndorf in Augsburg. According to him, the next step would be a biopsy (tissue sample) to determine whether the tumor was malignant or benign.
I was well enough acquainted with GNM to know that opening the periosteum (bone skin) through an incision should never be performed because as the new cells, which proliferate during the healing phase, would find their way beyond the bone, resulting in the formation of a tumor, called an "osteosarcoma".
In the meantime, I was very fearful and wondered whether I could stop any further examinations. After all, our daughter was only 16 years old (in similar cases, parents had lost custody over their child!)
For the next appointment, I went to the doctor without my daughter, so as not to cause her any more undue anxiety. I made it clear to him that a biopsy was totally out of the question for us. I told him that we had known about German New Medicine for years now, and that I would refuse any further conventional medical treatments.
That is when I was asked by the professor, whether I was ready to take full responsibility for the consequences of my refusal. When I replied in the positive, he asked me whether I had even the slightest idea what responsibility meant, and then he declared that he could indeed force us into further steps, if necessary. My husband then confirmed our stance from his point of view, but astonishingly we never heard anything from that quarter again.
The rest is quickly told. Our daughter carried her arm in a triangular bandage for about another week and was then able to move it quite well again. However, she was careful not to put any real stress on the arm for another two months, and she was excused from school-sports for six months. As she had little pain, we did not have to do anything else.
All that time, I fussed over my daughter more than usual, because Dr. Hamer always stresses "the dance around the patient". I said to myself that anything that supports her psyche (emotions) would help the over-all healing process. Over the period of a few months, we also administered oak-bark compresses.
In the meantime, three years have passed. Since then, we have never been back to a doctor, because there was really no reason for doing so. We are absolutely convinced that complete healing has taken place.

Translated from the original German document

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