Bill Y.

December 22, 2010

"Now I fully understand that I had nothing to fear"

I started learning about German New Medicine in 2007, and didn't know when I might be able to use this amazing information to help myself. Well, now I know! 

In July of 2010, a person claiming to be affiliated with an established roofing contractor for the apartment complex where I live attempted to gain entrance into my residence while I was home. I didn't let him in, but became very concerned and worried about the safety of my property. Later, in November, another male tried to enter while I was home. He tried lots of keys, without success. The second event led me to take action. I had called the police after both incidents, but now I compiled a list of valuables, including models and serial numbers. For safekeeping it elsewhere, I also took pictures and burned them to a disc. I ensured my insurance was up to date and comprehensive. I also installed an alarm on my entrance door. 

On December 13th, after showering, I noticed a large lump above and to the right of my genitals (I am left-handed) I felt alarmed briefly, but was confident I could relax once I understood exactly what was happening to my body. I consulted an anatomy text, and determined it was my urinary bladder that was swollen. Next, I consulted the GNM chart set, where I found a description of bladder mucosa ulcers, with swelling being a characteristic symptom during the healing phase. My biological conflict here was an inability or fear of successfully marking the boundaries of my territory or residence. The bladder mucosa ulcerates during the conflict-active phase to increase the likelihood of successfully marking the territory, as a dog would naturally be prone to try to do with urine. Soon after, I realized I had already done what was necessary to mark and protect my territory and property. Now I fully understood that the swelling on the right side of my bladder was an understandable, expected symptom, letting me know I was already in the healing phase, and that I had nothing to fear. Should I experience other symptoms such as pain, itching, or redness, these would also be temporary and would pass in due time. 

I had religiously visited my dermatologist yearly in January for checkups since I discovered a basal cell carcinoma** over the zygomatic arch on the right side of my head about 10 years earlier. This time, though, I promptly cancelled my appointment scheduled for January 2011, and I have no plans of returning in the future. I can imagine what the dermatologist would say if he saw the lump! 

The knowledge of German New Medicine is so empowering, comforting, and revolutionary! I strongly encourage others to learn it while they have the golden opportunity to do so.

** Note: According to Dr. Hamer, a basal cell carcinoma occurs in the healing phase of a separation conflict, involving the epidermis of the skin. 

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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