NLP - Example of a Takeover

Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.
March 6, 2006

A few days ago, the article Using NLP and Time Line Therapy® Techniques while Healing Cancer, posted on the NLP web site, was brought to my attention.

The article is based for the most part on Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine®. However, there is neither any credit given to Dr. Hamer, as the originator of GNM, nor is there any reference to Dr. Hamer's research material.

The article shows well-known strategies. By renaming GNM terms such as DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) that would identify Dr. Hamer's findings as the source of information, the author deliberately distracts the readers from the authentic research material.
It is unfortunate that with this article Neuro Linguistic Programming is now also bearing the stain of plagiarism. I am sure that many NLP practitioners, especially those who know GNM and respect Dr. Hamer for what he has given the world with his revolutionary work, are not in agreement with such unethical conduct.

What follows are excerpts of the article. For those, who are not so familiar with Dr. Hamer's research, I highlighted relevant sections and provided links to the corresponding section on our LearningGNM website. Explanatory comments are written in brackets with my initials CM.

And I quote...

Tad James: Using NLP and Time Line Therapy™ Techniques while Healing Cancer

Exciting News: In the past 10 years, there has been more and more exciting news in the field of dis-ease... (and I do misspell the word on purpose). Old concepts on the nature of consciousness, and on the nature of the body are changing. We have been using many of these concepts in Time Line Therapy®/ Time Empowerment™ Techniques for some time now, and many of these concepts are new. Let me warn you in advance, that this article may change your viewpoint about your mind and your body. It has a potential to be controversial. This change in the structure of our belief systems is necessary to affect a change in the way we assist people in healing themselves and others.

The Significant Emotional Experience: Another major theory of our Time Line Therapy® / Time Empowerment™ Techniques training is that many mental and physical dis-eases are preceded by a Significant Emotional Experience (SEE) of a negative nature which may appear in the client's recent past, or even further in the past, such as during childhood. If negative, and depending on the intensity, the SEE has the potential to create or be the source of some emotional, mental or even physical dis-ease occurring in the body.

Let's define some terms so that we are speaking the same language: (I borrow the notion of an SEE from the sociologist Dr. Morris Massey, in the book The People Puzzle.) First event means the very first time that an experience happens, or the root cause of a first event occurring (this is also called root cause). Significant Emotional Experience is any major, fully associated, highly charged emotional event wherever it occurs.

Releasing Negative Emotions: Not only does the release of negative emotions clear up physical health, it also has the potential to improve the mental and emotional health of the person. This paradigm is no longer just a theory. What verified the basic theory of Time Line Therapy® is a result of the research of German Medical Doctors, whose research now encompasses 45,000 cases of cancer research (CM: To state that “German medical doctors” have verified the theory of Time Line Therapy® /  Time Empowerment™ Techniques is an odd twist. The truth is that it is the achievement of ONE German medical doctor, which is Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer, who has researched all 40.000 cases. For over 25 years, Dr. Hamer is being criminalized and persecuted by the medical establishment (see Biography and Letter to the International PEN). The accuracy of his scientific findings has been verified 28 times by professional associations who had the courage to stand up for GNM. This includes the University of Trnava, Slovakia)

Starts with a Severe Trauma: A growing number of Medical Doctors now believe that all cancer starts with a severe psychological conflict that throws you into shock. Here is what happens: You isolate yourself, and do not share your emotions with others. You are upset and do not share with others--you're obsessed about the conflict (CM: see First Biological Law). This conflict changes your life completely--you will never be the same. This is a description of what we call a major Significant Emotional Experience, or SEE (CM: see DHS). This type of SEE, according to current thinking, usually occurs on the average up to one to three years prior to the onset of the first symptoms of cancer.

Trapped Emotions: When the SEE occurs, the emotions associated with the SEE are trapped in a certain spot in the brain (CM: see Hamer Focus) and according to research, a short circuit occurs (CM: in his early publications Dr. Hamer refers to the impact of the DHS in the brain as a “short circuit”, which he later revised, based on his findings that the physical symptoms that are triggered by the impact of the conflict (DHS) in the brain are not an error of Nature but instead Significant Biological Special Programs designed to assist the resolution of the conflict – see Fifth Biological Law). He (CM: who is “he”?) says that the physiological process is close to, or like a stroke. A number of doctors (CM: who are the other doctors?) have related the location in the brain, with the tumor location in the body, and the type of trauma which caused it (CM: see First Biological Law).

When a major SEE like this occurs, there is a trapped emotion in the brain, the brain suffers something like a mild stroke and starts sending wrong information to a certain part of the body (CM: Dr. Hamer emphasizes that the information that is communicated from the affected brain area to the corresponding organ is a not a “mistake” or “wrong”, but a biologically meaningful event (see Fifth Biological Law). The word “stroke” is an entirely inappropriate term) and then a cancer growth starts in that area. The nature of the SEE determines the area of the brain, and the type of cancer. The rate of growth is also dependent on the SEE (CM: see First Biological Law). As soon as the SEE is eliminated, there is an edema that occurs in the area where the trapped emotions were. This edema can be seen on a CT-Scan! (CM: see Healing Phase, Cerebral Level). Once the edema occurs, the cancer growth stops, and healing begins (CM: see Second Biological Law, Healing Phase). A trained MD can see the edema on the CT-Scan, and know about the area of the brain and, therefore, the type of cancer. Often, we forget about our conflicts and SEE's, so we aren't sure of the source. Areas where there were old, trapped emotions will often show up on the CT-Scan as “old stroke” areas. This is important to understand in the treatment of cancer, because the immune system may not have to fight cancer cells. The immune system (CM: see Immune System Theory) does not even have to recognize cancer cells, necessarily, because the problem is in the brain--the answer is to heal the brain. This happens in the resolution of the initial conflict or SEE (CM: see Second Biological Law, CL-Conflictolysis). There are a growing number of doctors who feel that cutting, burning and/or poisoning a tumor is not the answer. If a tumor affects the proper functioning of an organ then the tumor will have to be cut off, but not the rest of the organ. This means that only a total of perhaps 2-3% of the cancer will have to be cut out in the process of treatment.

It is important to note that even an imagined conflict/SEE can be enough to start or restart the cancer symptoms, even if it seems small or inconsequential to you (CM: see Second Biological Law, Tracks). For example, in research done in Germany, a woman who had cervical cancer got it by re-reading her dead husband's love letters, and feeling as though in his death he was refusing to have intercourse with her. The SEE can be as simple as the running away of a pet, the stock market going down, losing a job, terrorism, or even listening to a neighbor gossip. Whether or not any of these actually make a difference in your physiology depends on your own personal history, and whether there is an emotional chain present for the SEE to connect to.

According to the current thinking, carcinogens may not play as big a role in the creation of cancer (CM: In an interview given in 1992, Dr. Hamer says: “In truth, there are no such things as carcinogenic substances. Scientists have made so many research studies on animals and have never yet, by any of these animal experiments, shown that there exists a single carcinogenic substance …”- see Carcinogen Theory). This idea will, I'm certain, raise some eyebrows in certain committed health food types (of whom I am one), but this does raise some disturbing questions. Why, for example, do women smokers have a significantly lower rate of bronchial and lung cancer than do men smokers? Research says that women smokers have fewer territorial conflicts (the type of SEE that causes bronchial cancer) (CM: see Smoking and Lung Cancer) than do men, and so the percentage of that type cancer in women is lower. Of course, as women proceed more and more into their rightful place of equality in the workplace, we can expect the statistics to move more into equality too. So, there is a price for success!
Now what about situations where the cancer has been found to spread (metastasize) in the body to other areas of the body? The commonly accepted theory in medicine right now, is that a cancerous cell splits off from the main cancer and travels through the blood stream to other areas of the body, where new cancer growth then starts. Research flatly rejects this idea. First of all, according to the current thinking it has not been possible for researchers to cause cancer cells to metastasize in any laboratory experiment (CM: see “Metastasis Theory”). Rather, what really happens is that the patient goes to see a Medical Doctor, and the doctor gets suspicious. So the doctor orders extensive testing. The report says, “Cancer.” And it sounds so final! The patient is terrified, knowing life will never be the same, creating a new SEE. In this case the fear causes lymph cancer, and the fear of death will start lung cancer (CM: see GNM Article "The Nature of Tumors"), two of the major places to where cancer is known to metastasize. Now the well-meaning medical doctor says, “It is all over the body.” And the body responds.

Another scenario, the patient undergoes surgery, and feels a lack of self worth. If the reproductive system is operated on, the patient will feel like less of a man or woman, and may say “I'll never function the same way again,” or, “Now I'm worthless.” Another SEE, another cancer. The process is not the spreading of cancer, it is the spreading of SEE's (CM: see GNM Article “Rethinking Osteoporosis”).

Now how do you use this information to assist the healing process using Time Line Therapy® / Time Empowerment™ Techniques? It seems that there are two main stages in the process of cancer: (CM: see Second Biological Law).

1. The Dis-ease Phase (CM: see Second Biological Law, Conflict-Active-Phase): SEE occurs, the client has no strategy for dealing with the trauma, the emotion is trapped in an area of the brain, the brain begins to send wrong signals to the area of the body, and a tumor growth occurs in a corresponding area of the body. During this phase, the patient feels uncomfortable, tense, sometimes sleepless, and has cold hands and feet. This indicates activity of the sympathetic nervous system. (The sympathetic nervous system is the system that we use in thinking, planning, action, etc.) A healthy person can switch from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system at will. During the Dis-ease Phase the client is in the sympathetic system only.

2. The Healing Phase (CM: see Second Biological Law, Healing Phase): The SEE is released, conflict is resolved, the trapped emotion in the brain is released, an edema in the area of the brain occurs, and the tumor stops growing. In this phase the client immediately switches to the parasympathetic system. The client will feel relaxed, tired, will need more sleep and be more hungry.
Sometimes the Healing Phase can be uncomfortable. A client called me the day after a Time Line Therapy® / Time Empowerment™ Techniques session, and said, “My whole body is uncomfortable, it aches--especially my head.” I told him to get a deep tissue massage, and enjoy a hot tub, and to be happy because the reaction of the body was telling him that we were releasing some major “stuff” (a technical term). According to current thinking, if the tumor has been growing for more than 9 months it is possible that the client will not be totally comfortable during the Healing Phase (CM: This “9 month” time limit applies, according to Dr. Hamer's research, exclusively to a territorial loss conflict that involves the coronary arteries and not to organs that might develop a tumor). In this case the resolution of the Dis-ease Phase may produce other dis-comfort which could include swelling of the brain, edema, heart arrhythmia or other temporary organ dysfunction, headache, migraine, or even mild epilepsy in some cases (CM: see Second Biological Law, Epileptoid Crisis).

During the Healing Phase, the client needs to be comfortable. Schedule the Healing Phase to have a minimum of stress on the client (CM: see GNM Therapy). While healing, get away from it all, take a nap each time you yawn, exercise daily, and eat and drink moderately. Above all, have no responsibilities except healing.

There is hope. The University of Calgary, Department of Medicine, has investigated, and now uses Time Line Therapy® / Time Empowerment Techniques and The Basic of Personality as a text book in one of its oncology (cancer) treatment classes for training Medical Doctors (CM: In spite of two court orders, the Medical Faculty of the University of Tuebingen, Germany, persists in refusing to evaluate Dr. Hamer's post-doctoral thesis, which summarizes his scientific findings on the origin and healing of cancer - see Dr. Hamer's Biography. In 1997, Dr. Hamer was sentenced to 19 months in prison for having given three people free medical information based on his “New Medicine”. In 2004, Dr. Hamer was sentenced to three years in a French prison for “fraud and the illegal practice of medicine” on the grounds that people in France had supposedly suffered damages through having read his publications – details see Letter to the International PEN. Dr. Hamer was released from prison on February 17, 2006.) NOTE: After consultation with the Division Head of the Department of Oncology of the University of Calgary, we learned that there is no affiliation with NLP and neither are the Time Line Therapy™/ Time Empowerment™ Techniques taught at the Oncology Department.

There is hope. Several psychology departments including St. Joseph's College in Calumet, Michigan are teaching Time Line Therapy®/ Time Empowerment™ Techniques in the college to psychology students, and they are using The Secret of Creating Your Future (1989, James)... NOTE: We also discovered that there is no St. Joseph's College in Calumet, Michigan.