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Vaughan, Ontario (Canada)

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Dr. Alvin De Leon, D.C., shares his experience with German New Medicine in his clinical practice. The cases and observations mentioned below are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Biological Special Program
Case #
Conjunctivitis in left eye
Loss of hearing in right ear
Vertigo and ringing in the ears
Allergy: sneezing, runny nose
Allergy with common cold symptoms
Loss of voice and sore throat
Cough with fever and fatigue

Persistent cough, night sweats

Cough and fever
Cough and fever

Right shoulder pain and chest pain
Swelling of tongue, lips, mouth and throat
Cough and hoarse voice
Vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, fever
Indigestion and heartburn
Stomach flu
Hemorrhoids for the past 2 weeks
Heartburn and stomach pain
Vomiting and Diarrhea
Stomach pain
Heartburn and stomach pain
Stomach pain
Vomiting and nausea
Stomach pain and diarrhea
Celiac disease NEW
Stomach pain, diarrhea, fever NEW
Chronic bladder infection
Chronic urinary tract infection  NEW
Enlarged prostate
Vaginal bleeding and discharge
No menstrual cycle for 3 months NEW

Skin lesions on the breast

Itchiness on outside of both arms
Rash on upper back and right forearm
Skin rash on inside of left elbow
Skin rash on inside of left elbow
Skin rash in between fingers on both hands
Dyshidrosis (eczema on toes and sole of left foot)
Eczema on the back of both hands

Hands, Wrist, Fingers
Right wrist pain
Bilateral thumb and hand pain

Head and Face muscles
Head pain
Right facial twitching (see 4 videos of this case)

Neck and Shoulders
Severe neck pain
Right neck and right shoulder pain
Left shoulder, left neck and left face pain
Headaches, left neck pain
Neck pain
Right shoulder pain
Right shoulder pain
Neck and upper back pain
Right neck and jaw pain
Right shoulder blade pain
Left shoulder pain
Left shoulder pain
Chronic right neck and right shoulder pain
Left shoulder pain
Chronic upper back and neck pain  NEW

Mid-Back & Lower Back
Lower back pain
Chronic right mid-back pain
Right low back pain
Mid-back pain
Left low back pain
Right low back pain
Right low back pain
Left low back pain

Tailbone pain

Right diaphragm pain

Hip pain
Hip pain
Left hip pain
Right hip pain
Right hip pain  NEW

Pain on the inside of the left knee
Knee pain
Psoriatic arthritis NEW

Feet, Ankles, Heels, Toes
Pain in Achilles heels of both feet
Heel spurs
Knee and heel pain
Bilateral heel pain
Left ankle pain
Right ankle pain
Right ankle pain and weakness
Numbness of both arms
Numbness in the right pinky finger
Phlebitis in left calf

Anxiety and heart palpitations
Heart palpitations and hypertension
Anxiety attacks
Heart palpitations and shortness of breath
Anxiety symptoms  NEW
Chest pain  NEW

This is a work in progress - more case studies will be added

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