discovered by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer - presented by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.
Biological Laws Intro 1st Biological Law 2nd Biological Law 3rd Biological Law 4th Biological Law 5th Biological Law Verifications

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Caroline Markolin's Introduction to the Five Biological Laws

All medical theories, whether conventional or “alternative”, past or current, are based on the concept that diseases are “malfunctions” of the organism. Dr. Hamer's discoveries show, however, that nothing in Nature is “diseased” but always biologically meaningful. According to the Five Biological Laws, diseases are not malignancies, as claimed by conventional medicine, but are instead age-old Biological Special Programs of Nature created for our survival. The Five Biological Laws are in perfect harmony with spiritual laws. Because of this truth, the Spanish call the New Medicine “La Medicina Sagrada”, the Sacred Medicine.