Roos de Rijk

Roos de Rijk was born in Breda in the south of the Netherlands.

Roos started out as a teacher in Special Education. Not comfortable with the labelling and medicalization of young adolescents she left her teaching job in 2002.

In trying to find answers to why people become ill and how Nature can support us when we are healing, she began to study Reflexology at the Academy for Natural Medicine in The Hague in 2006. Next to practical skills, the study offered knowledge of anatomy, physiology and conventional as well as alternative viewpoints of physical and mental health.
She has been working as a reflexologist since 2010.
In 2017, Roos came across the work of Dr. Hamer, after falling ill herself. Learning GNM not only provided her with solid scientific answers to her questions. It also helped her to heal.
Roos continues her studies of German New Medicine® with Joanne Kersten, Caroline Markolin, and Dr. Alvin de Leon.

“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better” (Albert Einstein)