Joanne Kersten

Joanne Kersten, born in Amsterdam, grew up in Ontario, Canada, where she developed her love of nature and the outdoors. After returning to her roots in the Netherlands in the 1970’s, she studied nursing, specializing in pediatrics. Soon afterwards she quit hospital work, committed to finding true and natural healing methods. Joanne studied and practiced classical homeopathy, Jungian psychology,  and Anthroposophy while raising 3 children.

Joanne spent the past years, until her retirement in 2014, working as a nurse practitioner in a nursing home rehabilitation center. As a member of the medical staff she gained experience in (psycho)geriatrics, palliative care, and wound treatment. In her private life she ran a health food store and devoted her time to the nutritional aspects of health.

In 2008, Joanne came across German New Medicine® and has been participating in Caroline Markolin's Advanced GNM workshops on a regular basis. Since her retirement, she has dedicated herself to teaching GNM in the Netherlands.

“Dr. Hamer demonstrates so beautifully how Nature herself has provided for ultimate Life support measures. What I have been searching for brought me right back to myself.”