LearningGNM Study Guideline

The LearningGNM study guideline is intended to assist you in finding your way through the vast body of Dr. Hamer's research presented in this website. Before long, you will be able to apply this precious knowledge to yourself and recognize through your own observations that the truth behind the Five Biological Laws has an undeniable validity. In order to support you in your studies, the LearningGNM Teachers offer GNM Events both locally and online. In addition to her teachings, Caroline Markolin is also available for personal Q&A Skype Meetings.

Video and Audio

Watch the GNM Lecture Videos (free of charge)

Emotions and Cancer

Before you engage yourself into the written material,
the GNM Tutorials (18.5 hrs of Learning GNM)
are a comfortable way to familiarize yourself
with the Biological Special Programs.

Reading Material

Caroline Markolin's EXPLORE Article
provides a solid introduction to GNM.

Several GNM Articles present GNM
vis-a-vis the standard medical theories.

are the very basis of German New Medicine.

The Biological Special Programs (121 in total)
are a comprehensive presentation of Dr. Hamer's research.
The New Medicine is firmly anchored in embryology.
We therefore recommend that you study that subject first.

The GNM Therapy article is a brief outline of GNM in practice.  

The many GNM Testimonials are impressive stories showing
how the knowledge of GNM is applied in real life.    

are excellent examples of the application of GNM in a clinical setting.

Make use of the extensive Index A-Z.

Additions and updates will be posted in the Recent Site Changes.

With my very best wishes on your journey of learning!
Caroline Markolin