Juergen Buche, N.D.

Juergen Buche is a retired Naturopath who has been at the helm of the German New Medicine® Website since 2004. A series of serendipitous events (that's a story a little too long to tell here) steered him inexorably towards collaborating with Caroline Markolin and devoting himself practically full time to the design and maintenance of this voluminous GNM website. He also attended just about every one of Caroline's GNM Seminars and Workshops that were within driving distance.

While he has a good grasp of the German New Medicine® paradigm, he is content to deal with day-to-day GNM correspondence, GNM Forum registrations, the maintenance of this GNM website in the capacity of "Webmaster" and the purchase transactions of Lecture DVDs and GNM Tutorials on the part of our worldwide clientele. He would be honored and pleased to be part of the GNM Team for many years to come.

GNM is my raison-d'être and has helped me unravel
many mysteries in my life!