The discoveries of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer - presented by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.
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In the Mercola-Holt German New Medicine video-interview, entitled You will Never Guess the Surprising Cause of Most Heart Attacks (the full 2-3 hour interview is available only for members of Mercola's Inner Circle!), Dr. Holt is giving the entirely wrong impression that Dr. Hamer was involved in the animal experimentation shown in the film.

The truth is that Dr. Hamer strongly opposes experiments on animals. Dr. Hamer: … today's animal testing is nothing but cruelty, ignoring that animals have a soul. Therefore, I allow myself the following prediction: one day, all animal experimentation will be exposed as a disgrace for our whole society and will be seen as a testimony to our unspeakable lack of knowledge and sensitivity.

The Five Biological Laws, which Dr. Hamer discovered, are firmly anchored in an understanding of universal biological principles which apply to ALL living organisms. We humans have been sharing these biological natural laws with animals for millions of years! Dr. Holt's attempt of trying to prove Dr. Hamer's findings with video material of animal testing is absurd and shows a serious lack of knowledge of German New Medicine and of its humane spirit.

We have another grave concern with regard to Dr. Holt being presented as the leading U.S. physician in German New Medicine (despite his limited knowledge of Dr. Hamer's research and no training in GNM brain CT-analysis).

In June 2007, Dr. David Holt gave a paper at a cancer conference entitled GNM and Cancer Metastasis. Therein he states: As chemotherapy and radiation are particularly good at inducing atrophy and fibrosis of ANY tissue, a short course of these were administered with life-saving results.

It seems that the administration of chemotherapy is part of the practice of “Integrative Medicine”. Based on Dr. Hamer's findings that cancer, including so-called “metastasis”, is always part of a Meaningful Special Biological Program of Nature, there is no place for chemo treatment in German New Medicine.

In order to avoid confusion and distraction from Dr. Hamer's discoveries - caused by the increasing number of unauthorized  Expansions and Integrations of the original research - we strongly suggest that you learn about German New Medicine® by consulting approved resources.