Arjen Lievers

Arjen Lievers was born in Varsseveld, in the eastern part of The Netherlands. In 1999, he obtained a bachelor degree that qualified him as a Primary School Teacher. Next to his teaching, he continued to study history at the University of Nijmegen. During this time, he became the owner of a software company with a focus of designing software products for children with special educational needs. He is married and father of three children.

In 2008, Arjen’s brother Wessel died of testicular cancer. During his search of trying to find an explanation for his brother’s illness, Arjen came upon the work of Dr. Hamer that finally provided him with all the answers. Inspired by Dr. Hamer’s discoveries, he attended several German New Medicine® seminars in The Netherlands with Bert van Grondelle. In 2016, he began his GNM studies with Caroline Markolin Ph.D. in Canada. Since 2018, Arjen is giving GNM presentations in The Netherlands.

In 2015, Arjen Lievers published Wessel, the story of his brother’s life and his own quest for answers. The subtitle of the book Twee broers, twee zoektochten. Eén naar genezing en één naar de waarheid” (“Two brothers, two quests. One to healing and one to the truth”) tells that this is also the story of discovering the truth of German New Medicine.

“I feel privileged to be part of the GNM movement”