Ahnnalee B. Elman

Ahnnalee B. Elman received her Bachelor of Home Economics Degree from UBC, then spent two years teaching in Ghana, West Africa, with CUSO. After returning to Vancouver, she studied to qualify as a teacher, then taught mostly Foods and Nutrition for the Vancouver School Board while raising two children. After obtaining her MA in Education at UBC, Ahnnalee worked 10 years in administration before retiring.

Inspired by the amazing work of Dr. Hamer and the fabulous teaching of Caroline Markolin, Ph.D., the study of German New Medicine® has taken priority. Since 2007 teaching GNM has replaced much of the usual relaxation of retirement. She has spent time teaching small, private groups and looks forward to encouraging many others to study the details of this beautiful new paradigm of medicine.
Why learn GNM? "We should learn GNM while we are healthy, and share our understanding with family and friends who are open to receive this gift. With practicing GNM in our daily lives, more of us will enjoy great health.”