Learning to live with self-assurance when it comes to your health

Our GNM meetings serve to assist you in building the necessary confidence to live an empowered life with the knowledge of German New Medicine. Based on case stories and testimonials, we will cover specific symptoms and conditions with a focus on the practical application of the Five Biological Laws. This includes establishing the symptom-related conflict theme, identifying the underlying conflict(s), finding a conflict resolution, dealing with chronic and recurring conditions, and more.

Prerequisites: A firm knowledge of the Five Biological Laws


September 30

October 28

November 25

Time: 12 am to 2 pm ET
(Toronto time)

Cost: $30 CAD each session

Registration for September meeting: https://gnmmeeting4sept2023.eventzilla.net/
Topic: Biological Special Programs related to Separation Conflicts

Please note that these GNM online meetings are only available as a live online event
and will not be provided as a recording.