Terry, Vancouver (Canada)

May 8, 2013

"If we had known of GNM at the time…"

I would just like to pass on one very key experience that blew me completely away during the GNM seminar that I took with Caroline Markolin. It speaks to the specificity of GNM and the miraculous efforts that our body makes (not disease) to help us adjust to our 'perceived' environment. I have wanted to share this experience for a long time but somehow just became busy and left it. Now I just feel strongly that this experience should be used in GNM teachings because it shakes up sceptics when I tell them. At the least it makes my grandpa's death a learning experience and respects his great life.

My grandfather died 'of stomach cancer' in 1991. I went to see him when he was diagnosed and in 'treatment' in Medicine Hat, AB from Vancouver. He was frail looking compared to his normal healthy, happy self, but not even close to how he looked when he died, I was told. He was given chemo, and eventually, there was 'nothing they could do.' Grandpa died a slow painful death even though he lived a happy giving life.

At that point in my life I just thought... wow, how could my healthy Grandpa 'get' cancer? He has such healthy habits and always seemed so happy? Could the body not be very smart like I was taught? He indeed was a great family man, into exercise, never seemed stressed. I couldn't understand it. My mom and uncles thought it probably had something to do with working in a fertilizer plant and they had said Grandpa had an incident where he fell into a fertilizer pile or bin and was there for several seconds (not sure these details?) where he must have breathed in some dust. This didn't make sense to me because it would be a whole different route into the trachea, lungs, etc. Why the stomach? I highly doubt someone would swallow fertilizer - and if they did, the medics or doctors would surely stimulate vomiting as first aid or more invasive measures if the fertilizer was seen as toxic. But there was no mention of swallowing.

It was many years later, in 2008, that I heard about German New Medicine and went to the seminars taught by Caroline Markolin in Vancouver. And stomach cancer was covered. I was there to learn about the intelligence of the body - as a chiropractor - and in fact had no idea about most of GNM premises. The specific stomach-related conflict is "not being able to digest a morsel".  One of the 3 or 4 examples given by Caroline was 'not receiving an entitled pension.' I didn't think much of it at the time because I was too busy taking notes, but the next weekend I spoke to my mom in Medicine Hat on the phone, and revisited the issue of grandpa's stomach cancer. I asked my mom if she remembers grandpa being stressed about anything, as he always seemed so calm to me (I've never seen him mad). She then told me that the only thing she remembers out of the ordinary was him being particularly angered that the company he worked for had mismanaged his pension fund and he did not get his pension. He found this out upon his retirement. I nearly dropped the phone! Does it get more specific then than that? I mean there were only a few specific examples given in the GNM class, and viola...

if we had known of GNM at the time, our families could easily have teamed up and given grandpa as much money has he would ever need and he could have had family love instead of an "indigestible morsel". We all could have realized the intelligence of the body and its wisdom to respond perfectly to unforeseen distress, instead of allowing an ignorant gate keeper to poison him to a slow, painful death. We would have all learned so much! He was a great man, kind to all, always there to spend time with his family.

And yet the powerful medical profession continues to bash Dr. Hamer. Okay, all discoveries need to be tested. So test it, AMA!  Don't be arrogant and ignorant. How can they dismiss this work without trying to learn a thing? And yet we allow them to continue to pump toxins into our babies and chemicals into our society, without any grasp of how the body works and the wonders of the true human experience. What a shame. GO GNM teachers and practitioners!!!

I will continue to tell people about this experience again and again and again.


Vancouver, Canada

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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