April 1, 2009

"From that day on, she didn't get a single new wart"

In the winter of 2003/2004, between 30 and 40 small warts began to appear on my daughter Kathrin's RIGHT buttock. They didn't come all at once, but one at a time.

Unfortunately, I could not find anything about this in Dr. Hamer's books. I only knew that changes in the skin could happen from two different conflicts, either a "feeling-soiled conflict" or a "separation conflict".

Sometime in 2003, I made an appointment with our family doctor, in the hopes of getting a salve that would make the warts disappear.

Kathrin and I often go to an indoor pool. The new season was beginning, and I was concerned about getting into trouble, if I went to the pool with a child with "infectious" warts. Of course, I did not believe that they could be spread in the water, but we are all aware of how most doctors would think about it.

In February 2004, we went to the doctor-appointment and found out that no such eradicating salve exists - that would have been just too simple! The doctor put a numbing salve on Kathrin's buttock and removed the warts with a kind of little spoon. Kathrin made a considerable fuss, of course, but was soothed by a wished-for present.

In due time, all warts reappeared. I thought and thought about what on earth the conflict shock could have been. In the spring, I attended one of Mr. Pilhar's lectures (in Austria) and asked him afterwards about it. He said that it had something to do with a "separation conflict". That is to say, Kathrin either wanted a separation on this particular part of her body, or was experiencing a separation there that she didn't want.

Mr. Pilhar asked me precisely where on the buttock she had the warts. At the same moment when I gave the answer - "they are near the coccyx" - I realized WHY Kathrin had gotten these warts and why there were on the right side (she is right-handed).
One day, Kathrin's favorite horse Neptune had not been in his stall, when she went to visit him. He had died, and she was utterly devastated. For weeks - even months - there were hysterics and not an evening passed that she didn't cry.

The owner gave us a photo of Neptune, which is still standing on her desk. It was obvious that every time we went by the riding-club and she saw the empty stall, she got a new separation conflict. It became clear that she should no longer be going there. So instead, we simply went to another stable to ride. She soon had a new "favorite" horse there.

From that day on, she didn't get a single new wart but began to whine instead about the warts itching her. At night, she scratched the little warts away. There was quite a bit of blood, and the little places healed just like little pimples do. Ever since that time she has not gotten any more warts, even though she has gone to Neptune's stable from time to time.

Kathrin had resolved her conflict!

GNM Explanation: Warts are the result of a "Hanging Healing" that involves the outer skin (epidermis). During the conflict-active phase the skin ulcerates causing tissue loss at the site where the separation (the loss of physical contact) was experienced. During the healing phase the skin is replenished with new cells. If healing cannot be complete (Hanging Healing), because the healing process is continuously interrupted by conflict relapses (tracks), the ongoing cell buildup eventually results in the formation of warts. In this case, the "track" was the empty stable of the dead Neptune. As soon as the "track" has lost its validity, healing can be complete.

The conflict (DHS) itself is always associated with a particular conflict theme. In this case, the child associated the death of its beloved horse with an unwanted separation. Since the immediate contact with the horse was the buttock, it was there were the skin-related Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) manifested itself. The fact that the RIGHT buttock was affected indicates that the child had viewed the horse as its "partner".

It was a wise decision of the mother to avoid the empty stable and to find a substitute for Neptune. Avoiding the track prevents relapses and the healing phase can finally be completed.

Translated from the original German document

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