Ricarda, Germany

January 25, 2017

"Because it HAD to be a separation conflict"

Together with my husband, I undertook a one-year sabbatical in South-East Asia. At that time, I had heard of German New Medicine, but in the rat race of my life had never found the time to delve any deeper. I was then also still unaware that GNM was not just a "new method" but founded on natural laws that unfailingly function, both in animals as well as in humans. Back then, in Germany, if I’d been more aware of the momentous importance of GNM, I would have taken more time in my everyday life to get involved with it.

After we had spent already 3 months in Thailand, we went as planned for 6 months to Indonesia. From day one we felt at home there, fell in love with Bali and no longer had the desire to continue traveling around as we had previously planned to do.

After approximately 2-3 weeks in Bali, I suddenly experienced extreme hair loss. Since, as I mentioned, I did not know GNM at the time, I initially neither cared to look for nor to solve a possible conflict.

After 1.5 months and only when the continual hair loss stressed me more and more, did I begin to look for a solution. Yes, I was fine, we ate healthy, I do not drink alcohol anyway – and I could not recognize any other evident circumstances from a conventional medicine and naturopathic perspective. Then, by sheer serendipity, I rediscovered GNM. After I had intensively read up on it and had communicated with Mrs. Pilhar (Austria), I began to actively search for the conflict.

Because it HAD to be a separation conflict, my parents and my brother first came to mind. These were the most important people I had to leave behind while on our trip. With my parents, I initially found some relevance due to their advanced age, and because I have a very intimate relationship with my mother. This had me worried. After a few days, I realized that I was on the wrong track. We had a lot of contact via Skype or WhatsApp and my mother also confirmed to me that she did not have the impression as if I talked from the other side of the globe. So, this topic could be ticked off!

After much consideration, it could only be a person (not a situation) who meant much to me and in some way had emotionally touched me. On our trip so far, we had met many people, but because we changed city every 2-5 days, I never had the time to deal with anyone on a deeper level.

Now only my husband remained, the only really close-knit person in my current life. Yes, separation conflict can mean "not wanting to separate" but also "wanting to separate from someone".

I truly never wanted to separate from my husband even though such a trip and being together 24 hours a day puts, of course, a strain on a relationship. So, I thought that maybe I was in a dilemma. On the one hand, I did not want to leave him, but on the other hand I wished every now and then to have some time for myself.

The next night I woke up and I suddenly realized that I needed a little time for myself. I told this to my husband and since we had booked a new accommodation in 2 weeks anyway, he was understanding and moved in there earlier. We had paid up our old accommodation until the end of the month and I ended up living alone in the old surroundings for the last few days. I liked this very much but it so happened that we got together every day anyway and we ventured to do something together. It was evident that this also could not be my issue - especially because the hair loss would have stopped immediately with the conflict resolution.

Now I was at my wits end! When then Ms. Pilhar wrote me that the separation conflict could also be about an animal, I immediately remembered a kitten in Thailand, that looked strikingly like my childhood cat. We had at once fallen in love and she was always at my house when I was there and we cuddled and romped around. I would have been so glad to take her with me but that wasn't to be. Once again, I consulted my husband, and luckily, he was (mostly) understanding. I told him that I would actually need a cat. But, as I realized that this would not happen on our journey, I stood before the mirror and spoke to myself. I tried to make myself aware of this impossibility, but I promised myself that, as soon as I have a fixed residence again, to get myself a little cat. Unfortunately, this too did not really stop the hair loss.

I was desperate because I could not place any relevant people or animals in my current life. I'm self-employed, so it could not be an employer or colleague. Nothing came to mind. I was about to give up.

Then (while still in Bali) came once again one of the rare news from my husband's son. My husband did no longer have a good relationship with his children (19 and 23 years), because unfortunately they only gave a sign of life when they needed money or help. Until now, my husband had always been his children’s cash cow. Naturally, this went pretty much on my nerves, because sometimes it was not even about important things; but the money was transferred just the same. Also, so far, my opinion that he rather harms his children this way since he doesn’t give them a chance to develop their skills and experience, did not make things better. And he was even attacked verbally in way of thanks, when his gift did not do any good. Now I knew what my conflict with the hair loss was! I wanted to “separate” from his children. Again, and again, they became our subject of dispute, because he did not "want” to learn. Of course, I talked to him about it, because this time I was absolutely sure, so much so that the next night I had a confirming dream about this. However, the problem was that I, personally, could not solve this issue. Fortunately, my husband finally came to his senses, and, for the very first time he wrote clear and hard words to his son (talking about this wasn't possible because of the distance). The hair loss immediately but only partially improved.

Then, just 5 days later a message arrived from his daughter. Although she had already broken off contact with her father before our trip, she now begged for money. My husband then replied with a clear refusal. Even he felt really liberated because finally he managed to say “No”.

What can I say – this has been my conflict! The next morning, when I combed my hair, I had no more tufts of hair in my brush. And the next day, my scalp was extremely itchy. After 3 months and with only half of my long hair, one can surely understand how relieved I was. I was and am incredibly happy to have finally found the conflict.

That's why I strongly recommend to anyone to become familiarized with GNM in advance – meaning right now! I shudder when I remember how confused, anxious and powerless I felt at that time. And now - after I have grasped the basic principles of these laws of nature – even a diagnosis of cancer would not blow me away. GNM provides so much serenity and security because one simply comprehends the "disease" circumstances and is not at mercy of “Conventional Medicine".

I am so grateful for this greatest gift to mankind that Dr. Hamer has given to us all. I thank him for his tireless commitment to the truth!

With gratitude

GNM Explanation: Hair loss occurs due to a loss of physical contact associated with the scalp (e.g., being stroked on the head). It is therefore most likely that Ricarda felt separated from her husband when he gave in to his children’s demands while they were in Indonesia. She resolved her separation conflict, after he wrote the letter to his son and his daughter. – Ricarda has truly done  fantastic “GNM work”!­­­­­­

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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