Andreas Baumeister

January 2, 2009

"Testimonial about my severely handicapped 19-year old son"

For the past 12 years, our son Sebastian has lived in a home in Marburg. Now, at the age of 18, he had to move to an assisted living facility for adults in Wuerzburg. Sebastian's handicapped condition was caused by a vaccination. He is unable to speak and one can only recognize through the symptoms he exhibits, what he experiences psychologically.  

Through German New Medicine we could always follow these processes with absolute certainty.

Because of the transfer from Marburg to Wuerzburg, Sebastian suffered a huge self-devaluation conflict with bone osteolyses. We could not establish the exact location, since he was not able to communicate to us which areas of the body were aching.  

His blood levels were extremely low, with a hemoglobin level of 5.0 g/dL. We were aware of his pseudo-anemia; that, after the conflict resolution, it takes a few months until the blood levels are back to normal. However, since Sebastian was living in a care facility, he had to undergo regular check-ups. According to conventional medicine, he was considered gravely ill and was immediately admitted to a hospital. It should be noted that the boy had no discomfort, had good appetite, and warm hands - which means that he was already in vagotonia (healing phase).

Having been hospitalized all by himself (the transfer was arranged without our knowledge), Sebastian suffered instantly a massive refugee conflict with acute water retention. The next day, the usually slender 19-year-old had a basket ball size face with water being retained particularly in his cheek. The 'old medicine' diagnosed him with an inflammation. Against our wishes, he was put on an intravenous drip with glucose and antibiotics, which just added more fluid to the water retention! They also had a dentist(!) attend to him, who also suspected an inflammation in the jaw. The dentist was astounded that the boy had perfect teeth and had never required dental treatment.

Many medical tests were performed - and our objections were to no avail. When it involves a handicapped child, it is like if a child is under age. The parents have no legal rights. However, since we were continuously at his bedside, even during the night, Sebastian's fear and therefore his water retention were gone within two days! Now we have him back with us - still very healthy. Iron supplementation helped to normalize his blood count.  

Had Sebastian been treated on the basis of German New Medicine, he would have been saved from going through all of this.

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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