Bernd Dräger

January 1, 2004

"My Path of Learning and Healing"

It all started in April 1995 with a routine physical exam and when my PSA-level turned out to be much too high. I was 49 years old at the time. I was told a biopsy was required. The diagnosis indicated a well-developed „adeno-carcinoma" of the prostate. I was then fully informed about the treatment and its expected results: "In two weeks it will all be behind you".

The doctor understood when I said that I wanted to take a holiday, before it was all over. But, the urologist had very little to say about the cause of my illness. It was more a matter of educated guesses and assumptions with him; even the medical literature did not enlighten me.

Since then I have a different opinion.

As an electro-technician I am used to resolving a problem by never losing sight of the whole system! The motor doesn't get hot without a cause; the lamp doesn't light up without access to power; nor does the simple removal of the light bulb solve the problem. That's like 'cutting out the light bulb' to get rid of the dilemma. If I did that, I would lose my job in a hurry.

There has to be a cause, I was thinking again! The more I gathered information about how my problem was being treated and what the results were, the more horrified I became, however. I had asked experts, had written for information, and had searched in bookstores. Nothing!

Finally, a glimmer of light appeared in the dark. It was an article about the connection between body, brain and psyche, discovered by Dr. Hamer. I was curious about it all and pleased that I was able to follow his thought-processes. I got a hold of his publisher for further literature on the subject, and swallowed all of it whole. That gave me many aha-reactions, and a bright light went on in my electrician-mind. (In retrospect, I did not know all that much, considering what I know now, but it was enough.)

Yet, I couldn't understand the world any longer! All the solutions to our health were laid out so clearly for everyone to see, but nobody applied them practically.

During all that time, I had talked with Gisela R. over the phone, I had been treated by a naturopath, and I had obtained a brain CT-scan. I could clearly see with my own eyes the concentric ring on the CT-scan. The radiologist gave it no value. I was impressed that a diagnosis had been so simply reached, but I didn't quite understand it all yet.

In January 1996, I was finally able to take part in a seminar given by Dr. Hamer himself. That way I could see, first-hand, the process by which German New Medicine® reaches a diagnosis. We were all learning from each other in the liveliest and most informative manner.  

In that friendly environment, I was also able to speak about my own vulnerabilities - something I had previously avoided thinking about - and was able to find my own original conflict*. So far, I hadn't been able to come up with something concrete. But now I immediately felt and recognized that it was a sentence spoken by my wife three years earlier. I recalled that I had not at all expected those devastating words, and they had hit me so hard that I could actually feel it in my body. To this day, I am still able to describe exactly where the argument took place. In a marital spat, words are often meant to hurt – and I am not free of that. It was a huge relief to be able to talk about all this and not be judged morally. It was my subjective experience and this is what counts. I learned to understand distress and regeneration in a completely new way.

Now, it was up to me apply my understanding of the correlation between the two and to acquire a new attitude towards life. During many conversations I witnessed and verified these relations. Having, however, also met people who were not able to work out their conflicts, it became a further motivating factor for me to focus on learning much more.

All along, doctors had kept examining me again and again -- digitally, sonographicallyy and radiolocically – but no more cancerous indicators were found!

And now I should like to say a few words in regard to the PSA Test. The literature I accessed – medical and urological magazines, newsletters, books, and the internet – has to this day continued to be contradictory. It is a dilemma for the reader, as an article (26.9.2003) in a medical newsletter describes.

Furthermore, in a dissertation from 1998, signed by several professors, it says: "PSA levels .... can point towards pathological processes ...The PSA does not, however, represent a true tumor marker, since it also occurs in normal prostate tissue. Furthermore, it does not possess the originally-given organ specificity, but mRNA for PSA and PSA protein can, for example, also be found in the salivary gland, the kidney, and the lung."
I shall leave it at that. But, consider for a moment just how much panic and fear was caused by my doctors! My belief-system was permanently shattered – I want to check out everything, nowadays. After all, we are talking about my life, here.

As it stands, my CT brain scan shows no more evidence of an HH (Hamerscher Herd) – all that remains is a small thickening, a scar that is only visible through a magnifying glass. For me, that scar is a provable, objective fact – independent of tests that are open to interpretation and cannot be proven. Except for a few months of hormone drugs, which I stopped taking when my path became clear to me, I have taken no prescribed medication of any kind.
Nine years have passed, and I feel normal, healthy and well.

I thank, most especially, Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer for the discovery and dissemination of German New Medicine, and for his service to mankind – this is the way in which I have always experienced him.

I would also like to thank those who have accompanied me on my way. To this day, the exchange of so many different individual experiences has been most helpful for me. These experiences, on the one hand, and the resistance towards German New Medicine, on the other hand, have changed my view of our society dramatically. To my dismay, I became aware of the powers that actively oppose my – and, indeed, all of our – health. Until now, I would have thought such things only to exist in foreign lands, or in books and in literature.
Thank you for all the information you provide.

With the very best regards,

Bernd Dräger

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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