Prof. Dr. Hanno Beck (1992)

Prof. Dr. Hanno Beck: From 1961 to 1988, Dr. Beck was Professor for History of Natural Sciences at the University of Bonn, Germany. In 1986, Prof. Beck organized a conference at his University about the scientific discoveries of Dr. Hamer. He invited colleagues from the Medical Faculty, judges, attorneys, biologists, biochemists as well as patients. In spite of the Rector's initial agreement to the event, the conference room, in which the discussion about "The New Medicine" was scheduled to take place, was locked - no access was permitted!

In 1992, Dr. Beck published his book "Cancer is Curable. Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer - An Example of knowledge suppression".  

Dr. Beck (1992): "Conventional medicine has not yet been able to fulfill it's claim of reproducibility. Through the suppression of the knowledge of German New Medicine, the established medicine is blocking a new medical paradigm that has long been overdue."

"The surgeon exclaimed cheerfully: 'Hamer was right!'"

In 1988, my daughter Almut was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since this was, according to conventional medicine, a "life-threatening" disease, we were told that an operation was to be performed right away.

However, we, the family, and those who 'knew' remained quite calm.

After the CT-scan of the abdomen confirmed that the tumor was growing at a fast rate, we immediately consulted Dr. Hamer. Dr. Hamer applauded my daughter and said: "Congratulations, Almut, you have passed the worst of it! You must have had very severe loss conflict, which has now been resolved". [In 1986, Almut's mother had died]  

Because of my daughter's knowledge of GNM and of those kind words of encouragement, a diagnosis shock was entirely averted.

According to the Third Biological Law (the "Ontogenetic System of Tumors and Cancer Equivalents"), Almut had at the time a classic "healing phase tumor" (preceded by tissue necrosis during the conflict-active phase).

For a tumor in the ovary it is typical that, within a few months, the growth becomes a hard cyst, which can be surgically removed without difficulty. Until the cyst is completely hard, the tumor attaches itself to the surrounding tissue. Detected in this phase, conventional medicine erroneously interprets the tumor as an "invasive cancer".

In short, we were all convinced of the correctness of Dr. Hamer's findings, mostly because we were familiar with many of his successful cases.

The doctors tried to put pressure on my daughter, but to no avail.

Almut followed Dr. Hamer's advise (to the dismay of most people) and waited for a whole year before being operated on. During this period, her belly was so large that many assumed that she was pregnant. Later, some even inquired, whether Almut had her baby yet …

At that time, Dr. Hamer collaborated with a surgeon, who was highly impressed by his research. Patients, who Dr. Hamer used to send to his clinic, were treated entirely on the basis of Dr. Hamer's recommendations.

There, with Dr. Hamer present, a completely encapsulates cyst, which was the size of a football and weighed 4,5 kg, was removed from Almut's abdomen. The surgeon cheerfully exclaimed: "Hamer was right!  -- The day prior to the operation the internist of the clinic had made the following diagnosis: "The entire abdomen is full of metastasis. There is nothing more we can do! Inoperable!"

It should be mentioned that the surgery was thoroughly documented and can thus neither be denied nor misrepresented.

After a short ten days bed rest, Almut was allowed to come home, where she continued to recover quickly.

The tissue sample that was sent to the pathologist following the operation confirmed the official diagnosis: very malignant ovarian cancer.

Nine years have passed since then. This is important to point out, as it does not fit into the beliefs of medical skeptics and into the strategy of those who are determined to suppress new medical knowledge.  

To this day, my daughter feels better than ever before.

But what happened to the surgeon?  

The helpful surgeon, who was obviously performing successful operations and who, with Dr. Hamer's involvement, could have enhanced the reputation of the clinic, was 'called on the carpet' and instructed by the administration to stop doing surgery on the basis of the principles of German New Medicine. From then on, referrals by Dr. Hamer were dismissed.

As far as my daughter's surgery is concerned, I was only charged her stay in the hospital; the operation itself was treated as if it had never taken place. This is how the administration managed to eliminate any trace of the surgery.

How did the Accounting Department deal with this? How did they account for the actual costs involved? Anything seems to be possible in order to silence a competent doctor or a surgeon, who chose the right path.


In the meantime, Almut is married. In May 1997, she gave birth to a healthy baby of 9 pounds; a child who, without Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine, would never have been born.

Thank you.

Translated from the original German document

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