Isabelle G., Montreal (Canada)

January 12, 2011

"His speech has slowly gotten better each day since"

Dear Caroline, I am wondering if it would be possible to talk with you about my husband Peter. He has just recently started having some troubles with talking. He does not have any problems speaking his thoughts or thinking, but started to have a speech impediment. He says that he has difficulties articulating some words and that his tongue feels sort of "weak"…

GNM Explanation: The speech muscles of the tongue are controlled from the motor cortex and linked to the conflict of “not being able to move the tongue”. The conflict can be experienced in real terms (for example, during a distressing dentist’s visit) or in a transposed sense as in “not being able to talk” (to use the tongue), to speak up, to express one’s opinion – “having to bite one’s tongue”, as the English idiom goes. During the Conflict-Active Phase, the tongue becomes paralyzed and weak, causing speaking difficulties proportional to the intensity of the conflict. The speech impediment last into Healing Phase A. The ability to move the tongue returns during Healing Phase B.

February 8, 2011:

I just wanted to give you an update on my husband's situation. His speech is improving slowly; it is getting better each day. His conflict did, in fact, turn out to be "not being able to talk" (related to the tongue muscle).

What happened was this: We were on vacation in Maui over Christmas, and Peter took two of his sons golfing. He was having a bad golf day and lost his temper and threw one of his clubs as angry golfers often do. When the game was over, he felt ashamed of his behavior and that he didn't set a very good example for his sons, but at the time he never discussed it with them. A few days later, they were golfing again, and this time Peter's son lost his temper and was getting very angry, just as Peter opened his mouth to say something about it, his son said, "Dad you can't say anything about this because you are just as bad". Peter said that he remembers that this really bothered him. He felt as though he really needed to say something to his son, but couldn't. It was a few hours after that golf game that we noticed his speech problem, but then it went away. A couple days after that, they went golfing again and his speech problem came back. Golfing was the trigger ("track) for him. Finally, when he was finished golfing for the trip and we came home, his speech got really bad, we think because being away from golfing, resolved his conflict. Just to be sure he had totally resolved the issue, he made an effort to sit down each of his sons and apologize for his golf temper and told them that he plans to make a conscious effort not to act that way in the future. This made him feel that things were really resolved and his speech has slowly gotten better each day since.

I can't thank you enough, Caroline, for having put any anxiety I had at ease. I am so grateful for the work. I can only imagine the horrors we might have encountered with this, had we not known German New Medicine. I really can't thank you enough for all the wonderful work you do, and for teaching me this beautiful science.

Isabelle G., Montreal

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