Diet Theory


Dr. Hamer: “An individual who eats properly is less susceptible to suffer biological conflicts. That is self-evident. It is a lot like why rich people don't get as many cancers as the poor, because the rich are able to resolve many conflicts simply by pulling out their chequebook and writing a cheque. But preventing cancer (or any other disease) through diet is impossible because even a healthy diet cannot stop conflicts from occurring. In Nature, the strong and healthy animal will naturally suffer fewer cancers than the one that is weak or aged. But this does not mean that being old is therefore carcinogenic.”

It goes without saying that a healthy diet is essential for our well-being. Eating healthy food is particularly important when we are in a “biological program”(SBS).

During conflict activity, the digestive system runs in a minimal mode, thus, the appetite is usually low (Dr. Hamer: “a stag can't regain his lost territory with a full belly!”). Throughout this stress phase, dietary supplementation can be of great value as it enhances the energy and the strength needed to bear the distress and to resolve the conflict.

At the beginning of the healing phase, the appetite returns. Food now becomes true medicine. When an organ or tissue is in the stage of being repaired, the organism needs lots of nutrients to support the healing process. The energy we gain through a healthy diet makes healing much easier. Conversely, foods containing toxins (pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, food additives, and the like) deplete the body of energy, which can prolong the healing process.  

When we fully recognize that it is the PSYCHE where diseases begin and where they end, and that the brain functions as the biological control center of all bodily processes, including “pathogenic” changes, then we also learn to understand that a healthy diet or nutritional supplements cannot per se prevent, let alone cure a disease. However, a healthy diet, ideally from organic sources, will certainly accelerate the healing process, for example, of a cancer that is already healing. NOTE: Severe malnutrition (starvation, not being able to eat over a long period of time) can cause the dysfunction of an organ without a DHS.

Eating significant amounts of protein-rich food is of the utmost importance during the healing of cancers such as lung cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, or glandular breast cancer. When TB bacteria are in the process of decomposing a cancer, the body eliminates, together with the remnants of the tumor, a discharge containing high amounts of protein. Supplementing the lost protein through protein-rich foods can be life-saving. Juice diets or a raw food diet during that period could cause serious complications. The same applies to fasting during that time.

Based on the two-phase pattern of every “disease”, the quality of food, herbs, or dietary supplements appear in an entirely new light. For example, Vitamin C has a sympathicotonic quality and as such acts like a stimulant. This explains why Vitamin C “works” with a cold or why it helps to relieve pain (a vagotonic healing symptom), given intravenously. Taken in excessive amounts during the conflict-active phase, Vitamin C can augment the symptoms, including the growth of tumors. In the healing phase, on the other hand, Vitamin C decreases the healing symptoms but also prolongs the healing process. This could be a welcome measure to slow down healing symptoms that are very intense (see GNM Therapy - About Medication).

Coffee is, like Vitamin C, a stimulant. That is why drinking coffee relieves headaches (a vagotonic symptom). However, too much coffee during the conflict-active phase also amplifies the related symptoms, for instance, water retention and water retention-related weight gain (caused by abandonment and existence conflicts). This also applies to soft-drinks, energy drinks, and any other stimulating liquids.  

With the knowledge of GNM, nutritional therapists and herbalists can apply supplements and herbs properly and more efficiently.