Kimberly May

January 25, 2021

"So excited not having to endure itching for just being outside in the sun!"

I grew up in Thailand, as my parents were missionaries there. In the summer of 2002, when I was 16, we moved back to the United States, leaving behind all my friends. I had started developing a rash every time I went outside in the summer sun. My dad, who was a physician, attributed it to the change in climate, so I never gave it a second thought.

Fast forward to 2020 … when I learned about GNM, I was able to associate the separation conflict of leaving all my friends behind to my heat rash. That summer, I got a rash only once at the beginning but did not get any more after that despite being outside for longer times than normal. So excited not to have to endure intense itching for just being outside in the sun!

GNM Explanation: According to conventional medicine, a “heat rash” is caused by too much sweating that blocks the sweat glands, preventing the sweat to cool the skin. This theory, however, cannot explain why the rash appears at a certain time in a person’s life in spite of “being outside in the sun” (sweating!) every summer. Based on GNM and the psyche-brain-organ relation, a skin rash is caused by a separation conflict, or loss of physical contact.
     Kimberly’s brief and concise testimonial is a good example of how already the awareness of the connection between the separation from her friends (in 2002) and the subsequent development of her recurring rash (triggered by the “sun”-track associated with her friends in Thailand) can stop the condition. And this after 18 years!

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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