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by B.

January 1, 2009

"We thank GNM for a new life!"

Hello Helmut*,

This is the story of my former companion, who was cured of breast cancer through German New Medicine. To keep it simple, I will refer to her in this account as my wife:

It was May, when my wife noticed a lump in her left breast while doing a breast self-examination. I had already heard about GNM at this point, but was not yet conversant enough to fully apply it.

So we made an appointment at the hospital to see Professor Dr. Dr. W., the oncologist in charge. After the examination and the subsequent biopsy, my wife received the diagnosis: "malignant breast cancer". As to my questions about what was causing the cancer, the doctor responded with "the environment", "family history", "stress", "smoking", etc.. Aside from that, he said, we shouldn't ask so many questions, but rather get immediately an appointment for surgery, otherwise my wife will not survive the next four weeks.

I thought of German New Medicine. I phoned the GNM workshop facilitator in X, who is also a practitioner. First of all he calmed us down. Then, he invited us to join the next GNM study group. There, together with others interested in GNM, we were in a setting where we could investigate and discuss the cause of my wife's breast cancer. We quickly established that my wife had suffered a "worry conflict" over her son. The clapping test clearly showed that she is right-handed, which is why she developed the breast cancer (glandular) in her left breast.

My wife had a son from her previous marriage, who was drinking excessively. One day, when he was 29 years old, she found him dead in his bed. This was, of course, a tremendous shock for her. The brain CT, obtained shortly after this meeting, confirmed the impact of that conflict shock.

We followed the GNM recommendations with full confidence. The next several weeks were entirely dedicated to my wife so that she could come to terms with the conflict.

Solely through the knowledge of GNM - without any conventional medical treatment - within half a year the "malignant" breast tumor eventually had turned into an insignificantly small encapsulated nodule.

We thank GNM for a new life!

For safety reasons, it may be better not to publish my full name.

With my very best wishes,


Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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